Find new donors, who look like your best donors, by empowering your most passionate supporters.

 boodleAI is the leading machine learning peer to peer platform that empowers nonprofits to connect and engage with new donors and supporters.

As nonprofit board members and supporters ourselves, we struggled with the lack of tools to help nonprofessional fundraisers better engage their networks to raise money for their favorite causes.

The advent of artificial intelligent (AI) technologies in other industries left us wondering why the same could not be done to help board member and supporter fundraising. That curiosity led us to develop boodleAI – an intelligent, convenient, and personalized peer–to–peer fundraising platform.


Intelligent Donor Prospecting

We enrich and analyze your fundraisers contacts to identify the best donor prospects to engage in their networks.


Smart Messaging

We provide fundraisers with custom email templates that allow them to send personalized, relevant messages that are crafted by a fundraising pro.


Data Security

While we are a data rich company, we are NOT a data company. We never sell or share data to anyone.

People want to donate to a cause they feel passionate about.

Greg Snow, Syria Direct

boodleAI is a peer–to–peer platform that enables your nonprofits' fundraisers to easily identify, recruit, and engage donors from their social networks, while keeping their data secure and proprietary.

Our platform allows your fundraisers to engage their social and rolodex contacts on a personalized level that is proven to yield better results. Using consumer historical data, our proprietary algorithms recommend those individuals in your supporters’ networks who share an affinity for your cause and are most likely to donate. With one click, we can generate personalized messaging tailored for the recipient, making it easier and simpler for your supporters to fundraise. The result is a faster and more efficient fundraising effort that reaches prospects in your supporters’ networks who have an affinity for your charity but who would have otherwise gone unnoticed.