Find your best donors in any prospect list.

Predictive Analytics for Nonprofits


The boodleAI Difference

Make your donor data work for you instead of the other way around.

You already have a lot of valuable data, but trying to figure out how it can make an impact on your mission isn't easy.

That's where boodleAI comes in. We can predict likely donors based on name and email address, offering affinity scoring that allows you to find the donors you're missing in your data.

Get to the ask quicker and with more confidence using the power of boodleAI's engine for donor affinity scoring.

Who uses boodleAI

The succesful nonprofits of tomorrow embrace AI today.

boodleAI leverages proven AI/machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in your nonprofit, along with billions of third-party data points, to help you achieve significant lifts in donor acquisition, retention, and engagement rates.

AI enables nonprofits of all sizes to diversify their donor base, with significant return on every dollar invested.

"boodleAI proved a powerful resource for some of my board members allowing Code of Support Foundation to not only obtain a new donor within one hour of the first use but also obtain a $10,000 donation within a month."

Kristina Kaufmann
CEO, Code of Support Foundation

"Rather than a mass email or social media blast, through its new innovative technology, boodleAI allows any organization the ability to acquire new lifetime donors quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively."

James Williams
Former CEO, Easter Seals Foundation

"I sat down to use the platform for the first time and within ten minutes had a list of over ten names that were likely donors to my organization with valid reasons as to why they might have an affinity for Code of Support Foundation. I sent all ten emails and in less than an hour had a response from one saying he would donate and within a week had a $500 check from him."

MG(R) Alan Salisbury
Chairman, Code of Support Foundation

"A tool like boodleAI keeps my contacts secure and private but allows me to dedicate 30 minutes a month to send out personal notes to friends I did not even realize shared an affinity with the Easter Seals mission without risking outreach to professional contacts I would not be comfortable asking."

Lou Lowenkron
Former CEO of A&W Brands

"I was able to identify new people to ask, connect with them quickly and efficiently, and manage my outreach in one place."

Michelle Ray
Fundraiser, National Down Syndrome Society

How boodleAI Works

Donor Affinity Scoring

What you do: Upload a list of names and email addresses (or mailing addresses) of past or current donors and a list of potential donors you want to prioritize or segment.

What boodleAI does: Matches each record to databases which contain over 500 data points about each person, then builds, tests, and applies a predictive model from the data.

What you receive: A scored, prioritized, and segmented list telling you exactly who you should ask for donations. 

The result: significant lifts in donor acquisition, engagement, and retention rates.

boodleAI in Action

Using a nonprofit's own data, boodleAI built a predictive model that recommended 3,000 out of 100,000 prospects, yet precisely predicted ~300 out of ~400 actual donors

[ 75% of the return for 3% of the investment ]

boodleAI team photo

The boodleAI Mission

Innovation at its kindest.

We're dedicated to help nonprofits execute on their mission by offering meaningful solutions that make a real impact.

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