Our 5-4-3-2-1 Pledge

We Give More Than Tech to the Nonprofit Community

In 2016, boodleAI was founded on the idea of bringing AI technology to nonprofits for the purpose of accelerating its focus on mission impact rather than fundraising. We do this by donating percentages of our company with a "5-4-3-2-1 model."

5% Of Profit to Charity Donations
Aligned with our vision, boodleAI donates 5% of all profit to charity donations through a corporate donor-advised fund set up and administered by Tides.
4 Workshops a Year
boodleAI will produce a series of workshops highlighting key quarterly activities and opportunities for non-profits looking for innovative ideas to propel their mission forward during these ever changing times.
3% Of Profit In Product Donations Through boodle Grants
boodleAI was intentional about creating a product that was not out of reach for any nonprofit. If a nonprofit is not able to afford the full license they can apply for a boodleAI grant which will allow them to have boodleAI donate up to 50% of a first year license.
2% Of Employee Time Each Year to Their Own Charity of Choice
Each year, we ask all boodleAI team members to give 2% of their time during the workday to make an impact for causes they care about. boodleAI team members can determine how they want to donate that time. They can send out emails or spend a day "in the field" working with program beneficiaries as well.
1% of Founder's Equity to Charity
The ethos with which boodleAI's Founding Team founded the organization was one of altruistic desire to do good with AI. This is why our two founders are committed to giving 1% of their equity to charity. boodleAI hopes to make a positive difference in the world every year.

Walking the philanthropic walk by using the power of AI for good matters to boodleAI; it always will.