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Agencies + Consultants

Your clients' data contains untapped potential.  Partnering with boodleAI accelerates your ability to turn client data into insights and predictions that result in growth.

Agencies and Consultants

Enhance Your Services with Enriched Analytics

By enriching each contact record with up to 1,200 additional data points, boodleAI quickly turns your client data into insights and predictions never before available to them. boodleAI enables you to append ready-made or custom-made predictive scores and labels to each client record, as well as deliver Enriched Reports (ERs) that provide actionable insights that will delight your clients.

Append Client Data with Predictive Scores and labels

boodleAI's matching engine matches each contact record to their real world identity with 2-3X the fidelity of other engines.  Drawing upon multiple databases of all 220 million adult Americans, boodleAI then enriches each contact record with up to 1,200 additional data points.  Using this powerful dataset, boodleAI can append your client contact records with:

  • Ready-made predictive scores and labels including generation, gender, wealth rating, education, spending/giving capacity, affinity, preferred channel, responsiveness to direct email, email, phone, SMS or social media.
  • Custom made predictive scores and labels built from your client data and made available only to your clients.

Enriched Reports

Enriched Analytics, On Demand

Leveraging the Guidon platform, you can quickly generate Enriched Reports that will accelerate your ability to deliver value to your clients.

boodleAI Commercial CLEAR

Deliver Contact List Personas and Location Analytics with CLEAR

Take any client contact list segment and turn it into a Contact List Enriched Analytics Report (CLEAR), which delivers personas, descriptive and predictive insights, and location analytics.

Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example

Comparative Analytics Made Easy with CONTRAST

Go beyond standard analysis with boodleAI's CONTRAST report, which allows you to compare up to three client contact list segments, including the typical US adult population for a particular geographical area.

Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example

boodleAI Commercial CONTRAST
boodleAI Commercial SEAR New

Find Additional Personas to Target with Enriched Transaction Analytics

Using your client's sales or donations database, boodleAI's Sales Enriched Analytics Report (SEAR) or Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR)  provides primary, secondary, and emerging personas that your clients can use as audiences for marketing, sales, and fundraising efforts.

View SEAR examples | View DEAR examples

Analyze Campaigns Like Never Before with Enriched Historical Analytics

boodleAI's proprietary HEAR (Historicals Enriched Analytics Report) allows you and your clients to understand how campaigns perform across 20 categories of reported and predicted audience attributes.  The HEAR also allows optimization not only against response rate, but also dollar amount of response, both immediately and over time.

Nonprofit Example | Commercial Example


Optimization Bundles

Analytics That Lead to Action

boodleAI's Optimization Bundles are packaged reports designed to solve a particular client challenge.  They answer the question clients often have upon receiving insights and predictions--"So what, now what?"--by providing actionable analytics.



Enriched Analytics for Everybody

No matter your needs, available resources, or data expertise, we've got a solution for you.



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