Boodle For Nonprofits

AI Donor Prospecting


Step 1.
Choose your campaign type.


Step 2.
Select your causes and affinities.


Step 3.
Choose where to target.


By city, state, region, or nationwide

Step 4.
Know your prospects.


Key prospect insights: demographics, giving capacity

Total number of similar donors

Locations with similar donors

Predicted gift type: major, recurring, planned

Suggested ask amounts

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Step 5.
Convert donors.


Actionable Next Steps

Download prospects

Add to your donor database

Add to existing mail campaign

Add to existing phone campaign

Create facebook campaign

Create banner ad campaign

Create video ad campaign

Example Use Cases

Acquire new major gift donors

Find new event attendees

Invigorate a capital campaign

Refocus a social media campaign

Raise awareness in a region

Find best prospects nationwide

Find lookalike donors

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Step 0.
Sign up for the waitlist.


Get new donors with ease.
Let boodle be your AI guide to limitless fundraising.