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Nonprofits fundraise in a world being transformed by AI.

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AI is transforming how business is done.

In 2018, the AI industry reached $25B.

Source: IDC

AI spending is estimated to double by 2021 with 75% of enterprise applications using some form of AI.

Source: IDC

In less than 5 years, industry experts expect the AI industry to top nearly $200B.

Organizations slow to adopt AI will fall behind.

Nonprofits are no exception.

The 1.5M nonprofits in the US raised $292B from individuals last year, but still face significant challenges.

For every $1 gained in donation from a new donor, up to $1.50 is spent to acquire it.

Source: Bloomerang

For every 100 donors a nonprofit acquires, they lose 99 existing donors.

Two-thirds of nonprofits raise less than $1M annually.

Source: Guidestar

Nonprofits have to work hard just to stay in place ...


... and traditional methods of fundraising are losing effectiveness.

The successful nonprofits of tomorrow are embracing innovation and change today.

Nonprofits + AI: The Future

Human-AI Teams

AI will automate time consuming manual tasks (intellectual automation) to enable human fundraisers to work better, faster, and easier.  


100X Fundraising Effectiveness

Using the nonprofit's own data to create predictive models, AI can improve nonprofit fundraising effectiveness 100 times. 

Cut Donor Acquisition Costs Up to 90%

AI can answer the nonprofit’s fundraising questions and reduce the effective cost of every dollar per acquisition by up to 90%.

Nonprofits + AI: The Obstacles

Nonprofit Data is
Messy Data

Most nonprofit data is full of duplicates, inaccuracies, and incomplete entries --- not usable by AI.  

boodleFIX, a patent-pending AI engine, is capable of making messy data usable by AI.

Real AI is
Hard to Train

Creating AI that is trained to help a specific nonprofit is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. That's why most analytical tools use generic AI, general algorithms, or human assumptions. 

boodle’s AI assistants, including boodleFIND, are trained on each nonprofit’s data and tailored to each nonprofit.  


Creating Human-AI Teams Takes Work

It takes a lot of effort to make AI effortless for humans. 

boodleAI has spent years innovating and developing a user-friendly AI assistant that a P2P fundraiser (boodleP2P) or development staff (boodlePRO) can use intuitively and within minutes. 


Nonprofits + boodleAI:
The Future is Now


A Code of Support Foundation fundraiser and boodleAI teamed to raise $500 in the first day and $10,000 in the first month.


A National Down Syndrome Society fundraiser and boodleAI teamed to acquire 14 new donors in the last week before a race, with an average donation of $75.


A Robert Morris University fundraiser teamed with boodleAI raised $1,000 in the first 10 minutes, $3,600 in the first hour, and over $10,000 in the first week.

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Want to see what AI can do for nonprofits?


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