3 Ideas for Summer Fundraising to Sustain Donor Relations

star fish on beach

Before you know it, your development team will be diving into fall events, Giving Tuesday, and year-end appeal planning. Summer is the perfect season to explore new fundraising ideas so that your donors do not take a vacation from your charity, too. 3 Summer Fundraising & Donation Ideas Try a Giving Day. Give a donor…

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The Holy Grail of P2P Fundraising- Acquisition I Turnkey Webinar

Can P2P fundraising help with donor acquisition? See how better data and AI empower your fundraisers to do exactly that! boodleAI’s COO, Eric Okimoto, was invited to be a panelist for Turnkey P2P’s acquisition webinar hosted by  Katrina Van Huss, CEO of TurnkeyP2P, alongside: Megan Rouse, Turnkey strategist. boodleAI consultant, and avid peer to peer…

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Fundraiser Heroes

west point

So, where did the name “boodle” come from anyway? boodle is the name for care packages that loved ones send to cadets at West Point. I fondly remember opening up the (boodle) packages from my mom filled with homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies. For West Point grads, and much of the military, boodle is…

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Meet the Team: Amelia Todd

My name is Amelia… and I joined the boodle team just under a month ago! It’s already been an exciting few weeks. Before joining boodle, I was a consultant at a global nonprofit, helping them to create and distribute education and training materials about data privacy. Prior to that, I worked at multiple startups (both…

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Companies Doing Good: Chobani

Chobani photo

In less than 10 years, Chobani grew to become the No. 1.-selling Greek Yogurt brand and the second-largest yogurt manufacturer in America. Chobani still operates with a small craft company mindset with a mission to provide better food to more people because Chobani believes that access to affordable, nutritious, delicious yogurt made with only natural…

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