3 Ideas for Summer Fundraising to Sustain Donor Relations

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Before you know it, your development team will be diving into fall events, Giving Tuesday, and year-end appeal planning. Summer is the perfect season to explore new fundraising ideas so that your donors do not take a vacation from your charity, too. 3 Summer Fundraising & Donation Ideas Try a Giving Day. Give a donor…

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What AI Can Tell You About Your Donors

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You could discover more about your donors than you ever could with even the most sophisticated CRM. With AI, that is. Here are just three things AI can tell you about your donors:   1. AI can tell you who your donors actually are. At the very least, AI can apply algorithms to clean your…

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How to Sustain Donor Relationships Online

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Sustaining donor relationships today is different than it was ten years ago. The most obvious reason for this difference is due to the rapid advancements of technology. A mere decade ago, donors were not glued to their phones with 24/7 hyper-personalized communication from other organizations vying for their attention in the way they are now.…

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boodleAI and Why It Is Not Used for Political Fundraising

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We often get asked why boodleAI is available to nonprofits, but not political campaigns.   We receive near weekly inquiries about what it would take for us to make boodle’s powerful AI Assistant available to political fundraisers, who share many of the same challenges (and frustrations) as nonprofit fundraisers. The answer may be a bit…

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How Friends Surprise You
The Power of Relationships in Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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It is no secret that relationship-building is the core of successful fundraising. The problem is, at times, relationship-building with donors can be expensive, taxing, and confusing. While traditional fundraising efforts such as grant writing, galas, and direct mail campaigns can be extremely useful for an organization, they are also some of the most exhausting efforts.…

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Integrate Person-to-Person Email Outreach in Your P2P Social Media Strategy

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising is a powerful multi-tier approach – and it’s here to stay. In a rapidly advancing digital society, P2P social media outreach strategy helps nonprofits like you unlock the potential to find new donors interested in your cause – and fast – through your current donor’s networks. Simply put, your supporters ask for…

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