12 Prompts for Nonprofit Professionals

  1. IDEATION: Start a new chat with @brainstormbot then enter:
    Suggest 10 ideas for a fundraising event in Austin TX for a veterans nonprofit

  2. DRAFT CONTENT: Start a new chat with @nonprofit-fundraisingletter then enter: 
    Help write a letter to a major gift donor

  3. REVISION: Continue the previous chat by entering: 
    Rewrite this letter to be 100 words and more casual

  4. CREATE ART: Start a new chat with @image-sdxl then enter:
    Create an image of a couple walking in a field
    (Note: You can revise the image. Try entering “make it nighttime”)

  5. INTERNET RESEARCH: Start a new chat with @web-bing then enter:
    what’s the latest news about GenAI and nonprofit fundraising?
    (Note: Click [+] View Source to see the internet sources used)

  6. PLANNING: Start a new chat with @plan-fundraising then enter:
    help me plan a fundraising campaign

  7. PROBLEM SOLVING: Start a new chat with @solvebot then enter:
    How do I create a donor pyramid?

  8. RECOMMENDATION: Start a new chat with @role-nonprofiteventplanner then enter: 
    Recommend a list of auction items for a nonprofit fundraiser

  9. EVALUATION: Continue the previous chat by entering:
    Evaluate each of the above based on likelihood to be sold and potential to raise money

  10. ROLE PLAYING: Continue the previous chat by entering:
    Suggest ways to create interest in the auction items before the event

  11. SUMMATION: Start a new chat with @gen-claude2, click “Upload File”, upload any text based file, select that file as source then enter:
    Summarize this document

  12. TRANSLATION: Continue the previous chat, type “@translatebot”, select TranslateBot, then enter:
    Translate the above into Spanish

With BoodleBox, there’s no need for prompt engineering. When you select an an AI Helper, the Bot will prompt you to produce the result you want: 

  1. Go to Bots in the left menu bar:

  2. Scroll down or search for the AI Helper you want by keyword (try “nonprofit” for example)

  3. Then click the arrow .  The bot will start a conversation and prompt you.

In the world of nonprofits, there is a data ninja, a change-maker, a superhero - and her name is Erin Crotty. Picture her on one hand perfecting a yoga pose while on the other, she's nimbly spinning complex data into gold mines for fundraising. Erin doesn't just exist in this world, she transforms it, amplifying organizations from the inside out, and making big splashes in the sector. Erin currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Success at boodleAI where she is cheerfully translating and normalizing the crazy possibilities of tech.

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