Case Study | Peer Power Foundation Finds Fundraising Success with BoodleBox


The Peer Power Foundation, a nonprofit organization that recruits and trains high-performing college students to tutor and mentor students, was seeking to enhance the outcomes of their fundraising efforts.

They wanted to increase major gift donations, explore digital fundraising methods to enhance their limited capabilities and re-engage lapsed donors who had not contributed for over a year or even three years in some cases. The Director of Marketing, Andrew Paslay, realized that their previous campaigns lacked a direct and simple ask for donations, and he wanted to ensure the creation of a cohesive campaign that would resonate with their various donor segments. 


Andrew decided to leverage BoodleBox, a platform built to help teams get more done with generative AI, to enhance Peer Power’s fundraising outcomes. BoodleBox’s creative features and genuine assistance helped Andrew transform Peer Power’s campaign in several ways:

Campaign Strategy and Messaging

BoodleBox helped determine effective fundraising asks and articulate why their campaign should focus on monthly donors rather than large one-time donations. It also provided guidance which aided in creating messaging that flowed cohesively across their email, social media, and website channels. 

Audience Targeting

With the role play bots inside of BoodleBox, Andrew was able to craft personalized messaging to each donor segment he identified. Furthermore, it helped him craft specific messages to 5 of the organization’s major donors who had not given in a year in a way that would re-engage the donors specifically for this campaign.

Content Creation and Campaign Assets

After requesting from BoodleBox information on the most successful nonprofit websites, it made suggestions that Andrew was able to use in the creation of the campaign landing page. It also aligned messaging from the website to create internal and external campaign text, a donor Christmas card, and other donor letters. 

A New Perspective

The biggest turning point for Andrew was when the AI assistant wrote content copy that included a plain and simple ask. It made Andrew realize that his previous asks were more of suggestions, and this made a world of difference in his perspective. It allowed him to think about the fundraising campaign in a new and innovative way. It refined and enhanced his overall workflow and approach.

The Impact

BoodleBox’s assistance led to a significant improvement in the Peer Power Foundation’s fundraising outcomes. Within 20 days of implementing BoodleBox, Andrew helped the Peer Power Foundation increase fundraising campaign donations to $3,182, a remarkable 95% year-over-year improvement.

BoodleBox played an instrumental role in reinvigorating their efforts and re-engaging their donors through visuals, personalized messaging, and clear calls to action. It also helped Andrew refine and innovate his workflow, allowing him to think about his fundraising campaign in a new and exciting way.

Amazing Success Led to Team-Wide GenAI Adoption 

The Peer Power Foundation saw tremendous success after adopting BoodleBox and incorporating generative AI into their workflow. What started as an experiment for Andrew quickly spread as more people witnessed the increased efficiency and productivity.

Within a month, the entire organization embraced generative AI as an indispensable tool. Team members who were initially skeptical soon became converts after seeing how much time the technology saved them and how it elevated their work. 

Here are some of their incredible results.

As the Head of Marketing at boodleAI, Meredith Lancaster, is a marketing visionary with a passion for content creation, design, and data-driven decision making. She holds a BS in International Business with a minor in Marketing from Pepperdine University. Outside of the home office, she enjoys the thrills of family life – raising her always on-the-move one-year-old son and crazy pup with her husband.

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