Early GenAI Adopters Show the Inevitable Path Forward

“GenAI adoption isn’t automatic.” 

Remember when smartphones first came out? Many of us were hesitant to immediately adopt what seemed like an expensive new gadget. The rise of generative AI products, like ChatGPT, has felt similar – promising yet buggy, powerful yet risky.

But while GenAI still warrants thoughtful caution, adoption is starting to feel more inevitable than optional. Issues around bias and misinformation absolutely require ongoing vigilance. Yet the sheer magnitude of productivity gains and cost savings GenAI tools can unlock has made the leap into trying GenAI a little more appealing. Here’s what we learned from 1,500+ testers across 20+ teams about GenAI:

What early adopters say: “GenAI is amazing! You just prompt it and it produces magic! This changes everything.”

What others say: “I don’t know where to begin. When I try it, I don’t get the results I want. And I don’t know if I can trust the results. I don’t get it.”

Here are two potential solutions:

1. Bring people to AI

Teach users how to identify GenAI use cases, how to write prompts (aka “prompt engineering”), and how to customize AI through prompt instructions.

2. Bring AI to people

Create systems that suggest use cases, provide customized AI for those use cases, and reduce the need for prompt engineering.

What we did

At BoodleBox, we started with the first approach: bringing people to AI by teaching use cases, prompt engineering, and prompt instructions.  We saw adoption and usage numbers that were … disappointing.

So we decided to flip the paradigm and created a platform that:

💡 suggests use cases
🤖 includes 900+ curated AI Helpers for specific use cases and roles
✅ autorecommends AI Helpers to users based on their prompts
🎯 enables AI Helpers to prompt users to produce the results they want without the need for prompt engineering

The results

  • 73% of users are active on BoodleBox starting on their first login.
  • The average number of prompts per user per session is 6+.
  • 90% of users use AI Helpers and 70% of prompts are with AI Helpers instead of general AI assistants.
  • In our most recent user survey, 90% were very happy or happy with BoodleBox and 80% said they would be disappointed if they did not have access to BoodleBox

If you’re interested in trying out BoodleBox and collaborating with 900+ bots from different LLMs that work together and prompt you, sign up for free today.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of boodleAI, France has been on the founding team of multiple successful companies across the fields of law, aerospace, defense, government services, and technology. His favorite startups are aged 8, 5, and 3 and love ice cream.

Connect with France on LinkedIn. He welcomes messages and feedback.