Team Building Ideas for the Very Busy, Remote Teams

Team building is crucial for any team or company. It enhances communication, builds trust and collaboration, boosts morale and motivation, encourages creativity and innovation, and develops stronger relationships. Investing in team building activities leads to a more cohesive and productive team. So, start planning your next team building activity today and reap the benefits of a united and high-performing team.

That is all fine and dandy, but with increasingly busy, remote teams – how do you make that happen?  Guess what… BoodleBox can help!

First, find some inspiration.

Ask WebBot: “What are the most popular virtual team building activities?”

Then, work on organization.

Chat with GenBot by following these steps: 

  1. Request GenBot to “plan me an hour long virtual team meeting with the following activities [pick 3 suggestions given to you by WebBot]”
  2. Ask GenBot: “Can you give me some creative and fun names for this team meeting?”
  3. Update the timing of each activity to create an agenda.
  4. Then request GenBot to “write me a funny email to my team inviting them to [insert event name from above]. Include the agenda below [paste the final agenda]”

Finally, work on the finishing touches.

Refer to WebBot to finalize your event planning by:

  • Asking WebBot: “What are 3 prizes that can be given virtually at a team meeting? Each must be under $10.”
  • Then, requesting WebBot to “please provide me with links to options of [insert your favorite option from above] to purchase.”

And just for fun, ask ImageBot to create you a picture of your team.

This is what I got:


Want to make sure your invitation has the right tone? 
BoodleBox’s assistants can analyze the sentiment expressed in text to determine whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. Ask GenBot to analyze the sentiment. If you don’t like it – ask it to adjust to the tone you like best!

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