Stuck on Success: Support at Every Step of the Journey


This past fall we bought a new washing machine and dryer. They ticked all the boxes around energy efficiency and settings and lots of space for our family of five. Plus they were navy blue and I was instantly smitten with their cuteness after living with boring white appliances for years. We purchased them (on sale!) and a few days later the box store people came to install them and left us with hooked up appliances and the manuals. 

I immediately went to sort the laundry and dive into these shiny new objects.

My partner sat down with the manuals. He read them cover to cover and afterwards added the apps to his phone, connected them to Alexa, and researched not only how the detergent dispenser worked, but the best recommended detergent for this particular model on Reddit. 

As I went to dump in the first load, he stopped me to have a bite and read me everything he had learned. And lost me at the word app. (Although, admittedly, I do appreciate it when Alexa tells me my washer is done.) 

The moral of the story – we all learn differently. I will never be a manual reader and my partner will never jump in without research. And in work, much like relationships, each of us approaches new challenges differently. 

Have you ever had a demo of a new product and been REALLY excited about the possibilities? Or been researching something and gone down the full rabbit hole of a trial only to log in for the first time and not have a clue where to start? Or gotten that shiny new appliance home only to try 1-2 of the buttons before giving up in frustration? 

Over the past month (or so) since announcing our middle layer LLM journey we have had dozens upon dozens of conversations with customers and friends about how YOU might use this powerful new technology for fundraising, marketing, and sales. 

The word we keep coming back to? Stickiness.

We know that it will not be enough to give you a username and password and let you go. And It won’t be enough to design an exceptional library of prompts or provide a couple dozen scenarios to work from. We will have to find a way to reach the manual readers and those who would rather just see what X button does.

For boodle, this is a CUSTOMER focused journey. So to start, we are currently working with our friends on the data and product teams to provide EVERY PIECE of feedback you have given. They are iterating on your insights daily and improving not only the engine, but the user experience to reflect what you are sharing.

We are also actively creating resources for self onboarding including a prompt academy, robust help center, and user welcome series. You will not only be able to leverage these tools to utilize the boodleGPT interface, but our tools will *hopefully* guide you through everything from planning your annual fund for the year to writing social media posts to determining how to expand your prospect pool. 

If you have been following along at home, popcorn in hand, you know that the first iteration of boodleGPT will be a chat interface layered upon an LLM, trained initially to work with nonprofits. Another layer will leverage boodle’s database of 35 billion insights to provide prospect lists for expanding outreach opportunities. And the third, my personal favorite, will allow organizations to bring in their OWN data from their CRM AND language from their letters, case for support, and other collateral.

Back to sticky.

How are we going to support users and organizations working in every layer of the cake? 

First, we are going to LISTEN more than we talk. We’ve started to create the resources WE think you need, but by watching what you respond to and what you leverage, we are going to be able to expand that even further.

Second, we are going to provide in-platform service. Lost? You will be able to ASK boodleGPT what to do next. And get an answer back so you can keep going with whatever made you log on in the first place.

Third, our nonprofit virtual whistle stop tour will continue well after we go to market. We will be promoting community and conversation with you, among you, and between you. And we will make it easy to add your insight. 

And finally, for customers and organizations who leverage our API and plug in capabilities, we will provide customized onboarding support on the front end user level and on the technical level. 

Ultimately our Customer Success focus is to give you the tools to navigate boodleGPT in a way that is just right for your current fundraising moment. To make you comfortable enough to leverage boodleGPT makes your day easier… your goals more manageable… your to do list shorter. 

In the meantime, if you see something, please say something. Have an idea to share? Question as you read resources? Something you read that stumped you? Feature you’d like to see? Send it our way in whatever way works for you. 

And I will have you know that I have since perfected my use of the washer and dryer, but still have to ask my patient partner questions once in a while. Good thing the app is safe and sound on his phone. With that… I will let you go. Apparently my dryer is done. 

Want to chat about how YOU might use boodleGPT and the kind of questions you would like to see answered? Set up a time with me to chat boodleGPT. I am all ears.

In the world of nonprofits, there is a data ninja, a change-maker, a superhero - and her name is Erin Crotty. Picture her on one hand perfecting a yoga pose while on the other, she's nimbly spinning complex data into gold mines for fundraising. Erin doesn't just exist in this world, she transforms it, amplifying organizations from the inside out, and making big splashes in the sector. Erin currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Success at boodleAI where she cheerfully translating and normalizing the crazy possibilities of tech.

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