The Ultimate Village for Marketers


Becoming a mom is an incredible journey filled with love, joy, and let’s be honest, a fair share of sleepless nights and uncertain moments. I became a mom a little over a year ago, and let me tell you, it has been the most amazing journey of my lifetime. But, I could never have made it without my village. 

You see, as a military wife, moving is often in the picture, and sometimes that means you will be living far from your family at some of the most crucial moments in your life. I was blessed with my son during one of those far away moves, and while completely elated, I was also a bit overwhelmed. Let’s just say, I had ALL the questions. 

As I navigated the uncharted waters of parenthood, people I had only known for a moment stepped up. Offering us meals, a good chat, guidance, advice, and the most coveted of all… sleep. As I sat down to write this, I had no clue how I was going to relate boodleGPT to my actual life experiences, but after a moment, I realized, boodleGPT is essentially a marketer’s village. 

It is a content writer, a prospect researcher, a thought-provoker, a strategic consultant, an advice-giver, and it even offers the most welcoming of gifts… sleep!

So What Can This Little Game-Changer do for Your Marketing? 

boodleGPT is so much more than a chatbot that answers some questions here and there. It helps you to dive deep into the core of your business to unearth some of the most important details that will drive your next move. And the best part? It tells you what that next move actually is. Consider it your no-breaks, always-ready, eager-to-help assistant who knows more about your business than you even do. Here are a few ways you can use boodleGPT to become the best version of your-marketing-self: 

Discover and Understand Your TAM

Chances are, you have not exhausted your total addressable market (TAM) or you wouldn’t be reading this article. And, I must admit, it’s really hard to get a clear picture of your TAM unless you’ve employed an in-house data team. Even then, these things change so fast that you’re almost certainly going to be re-analyzing the potential of your audience in a moment’s time.

However with boodleGPT, there is no need for an extensive data team to do this work. You can access the same kinds of insights about your TAM that normally would tie up a data team with just a few strokes of the keys. You can identify the potential of your TAM, details on their makeup, their channel preferences, spending capacity, and so much more. You can even identify the prospects within your TAM who most align with your organization’s mission, product, or service to ensure you are targeting the right people with your marketing spend. Hello, blue ocean strategy!

Personalize Your Marketing Campaigns

Where would we be as marketers if we did not use personalization in our strategy? Afterall, audiences are incredibly fatigued these days, and it takes something really meaningful to break through all the noise. One of those noise-breakers is personalization, and it is one of the best ways to get people to actually care about what you’re saying to them. It’s almost impossible to do at scale, without… well, a village. 

However, boodleGPT can help you almost instantly personalize marketing campaigns based on your audience’s makeup so that everyone gets the message that speaks to them the loudest. From identifying segments of interest, to crafting the email, blog, ad copy you need most, boodleGPT can inspire those most motivated to donate or buy.

Visualize Data and Reporting

Transforming all of the data and trends that you are currently reporting in an excess of excel or google spreadsheets into easy-to-digest visuals is the reporting jackpot. But, it can take days, even weeks, to compile and analyze data, and even longer to create a compelling visual that will convey the success of your efforts to your leadership teams. 

boodleGPT will deliver detailed reporting in a way that is visually easy-to-consume and will help you quickly identify your next best move confidently. Once that move is decided upon, boodleGPT will help you identify the audience, establish your messaging, and create the content needed to execute effectively. 

Guide Decision-Making on… Pretty Much Everything.

When you come to a fork in the road, and your efforts seem to be planted, but aren’t bearing any fruit, oftentimes, you are stuck wondering what to do differently. Should you run a digital ad campaign or send direct mail? What tone makes the most sense for your next campaign? Are you targeting the right audience? What kind of segmentation makes the most sense? So many questions come to mind, and as you navigate the sea of uncertainty, ensuring you are making data-driven decisions is key.

boodleGPT can help you answer all these questions and more using billions of data points to guide its responses. The level of information it can analyze and the detailed responses it can return to you in a matter of seconds is mind-blowing – allowing you to make the best decision for your organization in far less time than you could alone.

The Bottom Line

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This quote spoken by Hellen Keller rings true today more than ever, and it is what we are setting out to do by creating boodleGPT – your ultimate village. It allows you to put the stress and burden of repetitive tasks, creative-blocks, and strategic dead-ends on the top shelf, and gives you the productivity and confidence you need to do your best work. Not to mention, it adds a few more hours back in your day to read, meditate, enjoy your family, or even… just sleep. 

This truly only skims the surface of what boodleGPT can do to empower marketers, and we would love to show you even more. Join our waitlist below, or reach out to me personally to get on the list for our Beta product and receive more and more updates along the journey.

As the Head of Marketing at boodleAI, Meredith Lancaster, is a marketing visionary with a passion for content creation, design, and data-driven decision making. She holds a BS in International Business with a minor in Marketing from Pepperdine University. Outside of the home office, she enjoys the thrills of family life – raising her always on-the-move one-year-old son and crazy pup with her husband.

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