About This Role

boodleAI is currently looking for a Data Scientist with experience in MLOps. The ideal candidate is someone who is a model and pipeline “whisperer”; has advanced technical skills in training and deploying a variety of different models (LLMs, traditional classifiers, GPT Agents, etc.) in a production environment; and a solid understanding of best practices when designing and maintaining data pipelines and model architectures. Market compensation with full benefits for the ideal candidate.  Full time work location may be remote. 

Specific to your role, your responsibilities will include:

  • Architecture Support: Collaborate between data and engineering teams to design and deploy cutting edge models that integrate with one another quickly and efficiently. Adaptability and humility are a must.
  • Data Pipeline Expertise: Design, build, and maintain pipelines of data ranging from our internal database of 35 billion predictive insights to messy customer data from external CRMs and databases. A strong focus on efficiency and security is needed.
  • Data Education and Advocacy: Be an Ambassador of the Possible. Help people understand our data and the resulting insights: what is in it, how to use it appropriately, and what is possible. Educate everyone in different analytic techniques and machine learning models.
  • Data Product Expert: Explore and develop a deep understanding of our data products: our internal database of predictive insights, our automated modeling architecture, and collection of GPT Agents, eventually serving as a main PoC for questions regarding them.
  • Insight Enhancer: Constantly develop, implement, and refine algorithms to enhance the predictive capabilities of our GPT Agent and collaborate with all teams to integrate new features and improvements into the GPT Agent.

To be successful in this role, you will need:

  • 2-3 years professional experience, or equivalent combination of post grad education and/or internship experience
  • Proficiency in bash scripting, Python, and SQL
  • Advanced understanding of pipeline design and model management, specifically in AWS Cloud Services.
  • Solid technical skills surrounding predictive modeling, machine learning (supervised and unsupervised algorithms), and analytic techniques
  • Excellent exploratory data analysis skills
  • Ability to tell a “data story” to non-technical stakeholders using custom visualizations, presentations, and dashboards
  • Experience collaborating effectively with a variety of business and engineering stakeholders
  • Experience with natural language processing and Large Language Models.
  • Demonstrated desire for continuous learning, improvement, and innovation
  • Passion for growth, sales, and company expansion
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree with strong technical component

Bonus Points if you have:

  • Experience with real world, messy datasets stored in a variety of formats: MongoDB, SQL Databases, CSVs, etc.
  • Data Engineering skills combining disparate data sources and resolving source of truth conflicts
  • Strong understanding of data science project lifecycle and ability to write clean, reproducible code
  • Relevant experience applying machine learning

boodleAI in a hyphenated nutshell

We are a VC-backed, Saas platform in the generative AI space that provides GPT-powered decision-making for sales, marketing, and fundraising. We combine a GPT Agent on top of our own set of insights and the customer’s own data to help customers answer very specific questions about sales, marketing, and fundraising that neither ChatGPT nor a CRM can.

Reports to: Chief Data Officer

Location: boodleAI is a fully remote company with resources spread throughout the country and a company hub in Tysons, VA.

Who We Are Looking For

boodleAI is a unique blend of personalities with a wide-range of perspectives. All team members are willing to contribute anywhere there is a need, regardless of area of responsibility. Being a remote team we are looking for a person that is self-motivated, open-minded, and looking to make a difference on this journey. This formula has helped make us the most connected fully-remote company any of us have been a part of.

We are a tight knit group, doing amazing things, with:

  • A desire to learn.
  • A willingness to question.
  • A well-rounded understanding of modern communication techniques.
  • An interest in building and improving company culture.
  • A genuine curiosity to understand clients and best translate their needs into great experiences.

Learn more about us at boodle.ai or take the plunge and submit your resume to [email protected].

boodleAI is an equal opportunity employer