Customer Wins Using boodleAI

We always talk about the success we help out customers find. Here’s an example of just that.

Challenge: A boodleAI customer wanted to increase lead conversion rates and number of sales for leads contacted by its sales agents. Every month this Customer receives more prospects than its sales agents can action. 

Our Solution: 425+ closed sales and 850+ non-sales from May, June, and July were used to create a predictive model (Guidon) for best potential customers. This Guidon was used to score 26,000+ potential leads, which were then categorized as A, B, C, or D leads based on score. 

Result: The Customer’s Agents contacted 3,700+ leads. A leads enrolled at a rate 1.24 times more than B leads and 6.15 more times than C leads.  No D leads were enrolled.  This validated the customer’s Guidon, providing them a valuable tool to use in future months to increase sales, decrease sales effort, and more efficiently use Sales Agents’ valuable time.

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