Case Study: Code of Support Foundation

After he established the Code of Support Foundation (CoSF) in 2010, General Alan Salisbury worked hard to grow the foundation into the success it is today.

Like all non-profits, finding new donors is both costly and timely. That is why the Computer Science Ph.D. from Stanford and former  Commanding General of the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command, embraced boodleAI’s innovative donor acquisition technology. General Salisbury chose to lead by example and was the first person to log-in to the system and upload his contacts into the boodleAI platform. 

Although the Chairman has spent nearly eight years mining his network for donors, his ever-growing digital Rolodex still had hidden gems. Not only did boodleAI’s machine learning algorithm prospect on behalf of General Salisbury saving him time and money, the system ultimately earned CoSF new, lifetime donors.

To learn more about Code of Supports’ success, check out the case study.