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10 Must-Have Features to Have on an AI-Driven Fundraising Platform

By France Hoang / September 19, 2019 /

Over the last few years, artificial intelligence and its machine learning applications have been proving the power of their predictive ability to amplify charitable giving.    AI-driven fundraising platforms have become increasingly sophisticated and affordable. Experts say this is assisting early nonprofit adopters in lowering donor acquisition costs, exceeding fundraising goals, and increasing workforce expansion.…

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Innovation at its Kindest:
5 Ways AI is Being Used for Good

By Meredith Lancaster / September 10, 2019 /

‘AI’ is a bit of a buzzword right now, in both the public and private sectors. So when the opportunity to collaborate with boodleAI came along, I was eager to better understand AI’s potential impact on the nonprofit sector (for better or worse). After all, I’ve spent my entire career working for nonprofits and have…

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How AI and ML are Changing the Way We Fundraise for Greater Social Impact

By Meredith Lancaster / September 3, 2019 /

Broadly speaking, AI and its most popular subset, machine learning (ML), can be harnessed for social good. If you Google “AI (fill in the blank social cause)” and you will find the countless ways AI is making the world a better place. To name a few, AI is helping scientists tackle climate change, healthcare providers…

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What AI Can Tell You About Your Donors

By Shawn Olds / June 20, 2019 /

You could discover more about your donors than you ever could with even the most sophisticated CRM. With AI, that is. Here are just three things AI can tell you about your donors:   1. AI can tell you who your donors actually are. At the very least, AI can apply algorithms to clean your…

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TurnkeyP2P and boodleAI:
AI is a Game Changer…Don’t Get Left Behind

By Meredith Lancaster / June 19, 2019 /

By Eric Okimoto & Katrina VanHuss No more dumb questions, we don’t care what your fourth-grade teacher said. A dumb question is a question asked with no context. And, as peer to peer (P2P) organizers send their volunteer fundraisers into the world, they are sending them out there to ask dumb questions, which can make…

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AI/VR/AR Fundraising Trends Your Nonprofit Should Watch in 2019

By Meredith Lancaster / June 10, 2019 /

  If your nonprofit is having a hard time keeping up with all of the fundraising tech trends, you are not alone. The last couple of years, AI/VR/AR have been the development buzzwords. And for good reason! Technological advancements are rapidly changing fund development as we know it. While there are many trends, here are…

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Can AI Clean Your
Nonprofit Data?

By Meredith Lancaster / May 21, 2019 /

What Are the Benefits of Clean Donor Data? You spend a fortune on a direct mail campaign only to have hundreds of letters sent back as undeliverable. You send an email to a former table host to follow-up on your invite to this year’s annual gala…only to discover they moved and never received the physical…

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NonProfit Pro Publishes Article on AI for Nonprofits by France Hoang, boodleAI Chair

By Meredith Lancaster / March 27, 2019 /

NonProfit Pro published an article by France Hoang titled “How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Channels,” The article introduces ways that nonprofits can use the powerful technology that is artificial intelligence. “The key to successful nonprofit fundraising and AI is teamwork: Human fundraisers team up with AI assistants, with each half doing what…

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White Paper: 8 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas (and How AI Can Help)

By France Hoang / March 19, 2019 /

The future of nonprofit fundraising is human-AI teams boodleAI is excited to announce the release of their white paper! This white paper discusses eight common nonprofit fundraising channels and how AI can improve each: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Board Fundraising Capital Campaigns Direct Mail Email Campaigns Crowdfunding Gala Events “A-Thons” Available for download here.  

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What does AI-fueled nonprofit technology look like?

By Meredith Lancaster / December 12, 2018 /

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize nonprofit technology. So, how exactly could AI and its most popular subset, machine learning (ML) change nonprofit technology and fundraising? Let’s explore just a few possibilities:   Prospect Engagement: New donor acquisition is a costly and timely endeavor. AI and ML coupled with better enrichment data allows…

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