Find New Customers Faster Than Ever and Increase Sales

You need new customers to support the growth of your business, but finding them can get tricky.

Prospective customers need to know that you have their interests in mind before committing to purchasing your products or services, so how do you find them and create a message that will resonate with them? Now, there is an Enriched Analytics tool that is designed to guide you to new customers and help you understand what they want faster than ever before. Introducing boodleAI.

boodleAI provides organizations with the insights and predictions they need to detect and attract the best possible customers at the price of 38 Nicolas Cage pillowcases.

With boodleAI in your back pocket, your data is enriched with over 1,200 third party data points and analyzed to produce insights and predictions allowing you to see who your current and past customers really are. After data enrichment, boodleAI delivers a New Customer Acquisition Report Bundle that is designed to show you who your new customers are (demographics and interests), what they are predicted to buy (top purchase types), and where to find them (top method of acquisition, top lookalike DMAs and zip codes).

The Enriched Reports provided include a personalized Customer CLEARNew Customer SEARFastest New Customer SEAR, and Emerging Customer SEAR which define:

  • The personas of your current customers
  • The personas, insights, and analytics for new, fastest new, and emerging customers

Now, you are equipped with the knowledge required to find and attract new customers who have a proven interest in your product or service. Spend the time you have freed up to strategize for your next campaign, sales blast or event to experience elevated results by attracting new customers with confidence in your next steps. You are given the power to:

  • Close new customers faster & more efficiently
  • Understand what your new customers look like
  • Understand where your new customers are located
  • Understand how to effectively reach new customers

Did I mention the limited time offer? For a limited time, the New Customer Acquisition Report Bundle is available at a 41% discount (regularly $850, yours for $499).

The New Customer Acquisition Report Bundle Includes:

  • Enriched Reports for up to 25,000 records
  • 1 Year Access to Guidon Platform with Basic Predictions and Personas

BONUS: Free 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our Enriched Analytics Specialists

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About boodleAI

boodleAI is changing the game for donor acquisition and retention by delivering groundbreaking lifts in donations, engagement, and lifetime retention rates. We have revolutionized donor prospecting by dynamically providing high-quality, mission-aligned donor prospects directly to nonprofits. Using our seamless advertising solutions, converting these AI-curated donor prospects into lifetime donors has never been easier.