What You Need for Complete Data Enrichment and Analysis

Divulging detailed information about your contacts would be impossible without a massive data science team and access to reliable third-party data sources – and even then, would take weeks, if not months, to uncover.

Thankfully, there are tools out there to provide you with this information with little effort on your part, at a speed faster than ever, and a cost you can afford. So, what do you look for in an enriched analytics tool to aid in prospect targeting?

Every enriched analytics tool is not created equally. Some just skim the surface of information you need, others, like boodleAI, take a deep dive into your data sets and emerge with first-class insights and predictions carefully selected to bring you closer to your goals.

Your ideal Enriched Analytics Tool must have:

1. Data Enrichment Capabilities

Expand on your customer database by adding up to 1,200 data points to your existing contact knowledge and find prospects with the same personas as your current customers.

2. Analytic Capacity

Receive top of the line predictions and insights into your customers’ lives in order to better target prospective customers and encourage repeat purchases with intention.

3. Segmentation, Filtering, and Sorting Capacity

Create specific segments that matter to your decision making – like high margin customers, repeat customers, emerging best customers, and hidden gems (those who look like they could be your best customers) – to find prospects and existing contacts who look like the defined persona identified. Filter and sort by specific predictions to identify the who best match your ideal target within each segment.

3. Detailed Enriched Reporting

Uncover the identities of your contacts’ personas, top customers’ personas, emerging customers’ personas, including both primary and secondary, to identify the characteristics you need to focus on when seeking out new customers, repeat customers, and top AOV customers – all in a single comprehensive report.

4. An Online Customer Data Platform

Take control of your contact list with a platform designed for your use. Filter and sort your contact list with the appended predictions to export into a CSV file for use during your next outreach.

5. Excellent Customer Service (Customer Success)

Rely on a team of incredible data-drive and service-oriented professionals to assist you as you implement the new tool into your workflow and strategize its use effectively.

The benefits of incorporating Enriched Analytics into your prospecting strategies are truly endless, but now you are able to attract the customers who have an interest in your product or service with certainty. Spend the time you have freed up to strategize for your next campaign and experience elevated results by attracting the attention of those who matter most with confidence in your next steps.

It's time. 

Change your life. Let's boodle. 

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boodleAI is a Cloud-Based Provider of Enriched Analytics for sales, marketing, and fundraising teams. Enriched Analytics are insights and predictions made possible by matching an organization’s contact and transaction data with billions of third party data points. Sales, marketing, and fundraising teams use enriched analytics to better understand customers and donors, analyze sales and donations, gain insights into specific contacts, and predict what contacts will do. Guidon, boodleAI’s Cloud-Based Software, makes Enriched Analytics available to every organization and every budget through usage based pricing. Visit boodle.ai.