DoinG Good

Wall Street Bound

We’re so proud to partner up with nonprofit organizations all around the country, with different missions all tied to the betterment of us. One of our nonprofit partners, Wall Street Bound, is a little different from the rest.

Diversity on Wall Street is Serious Business

Wall Street Bound’s mission is to teach the technical skills of finance and the soft skills of corporate culture to empower under-represented young adults to achieve beyond their current circumstances.

They have a multitude of programs that support their constituents. To start, they have two bootcamps, one is “Introduction to Wall Street”, with a 20-25 hour capital markets and finance career path course. The other bootcamp is “Wall Street Direct”; a 120 hour technical hard and soft skills training, preparing urban college students and recent graduates for competitive wall street summer internships and full time jobs. Learn more about their bootcamps here.

The next program they have is their “Diverse Trader Training Program Application and Application Guide”. “A one year training program, developed by Wall Street Bound, Inc. and Maverick Trading to recruit, train and mentor diverse talent to trade and manage up to $250,000 of live capital. With a focus on Stock/Options & FX, program participants keep 70% – 80% of the profits they generate”. Learn more about this program on here.

Support Wall Street Bound’s mission to recruit and train 10,000 underrepresented youth for careers on Wall Street by 2030 by donating to their organization here (you can donate money, cryptocurrency, or stocks!)