Why boodleAI is a Data-rich Company, but not a Data Selling Company

It’s no secret that when it comes to data, the genie is out of the bottle.

Those that work for Adtech, Social Media platforms, CRM platforms, general sales, and marketing will tell you that digital fingerprints are out there on the web. Every day, information on people is used to sell more consumer goods, attract eyes, persuade votes.

But what if that data could also be used to connect people with a good cause that they are likely to feel passionate about and support?

boodleAI is a data-rich company. Our AI-powered fundraising platform, “boodle”, wouldn’t work without data. boodle takes consumer and donor data and informs algorithms, consolidates data, and then provides high-level insights for fundraisers to send the right messages to the right people to raise more funds for well-deserving charities.


While we may be a data-rich company, we are not a data selling company. 

We do not sell data or share data.

Our privacy policy, for example, is simple. We don’t use legalese to confuse you. We also don’t use any dark patterns that use sleight of hand psychological techniques to get you to give your data to us. Should you request to delete your account, the ‘delete’ button is prominently placed on your account page. When we delete your account, we delete all data that you have provided to us via our user interface and from the social/contract list connections.

In other words, data goes into our system and private data does not go out. We consume data, we do not share data with anyone but our users. We do not sell data to other companies. This is a tool that utilizes data to make more useful for philanthropy.

We take our stewardship to data privacy very seriously. Our privacy policy is unparalleled. We follow the GDPR privacy principle of “Privacy by design”.


The key takeaway

Data is a thorny issue. It’s one of the fastest evolving issues of our time. We believe in data privacy and fully support efforts to require the FCC to regulate the use of the term “Privacy Policy” for those companies that actually keep data private.

Private and secure AI-powered fundraising is the path to smart, informed fundraising. Ultimately, boodleAI is in the business of helping nonprofits do their mission more effectively by bringing down the noise of mass appeal and raising more funds.

To learn more, watch our video on privacy: