Franchises Find Their Best Customers With Enriched Analytics

Your best customers are your greatest gift.

They contribute to a large majority of overall revenue and are essential for you to make your goals. Now imagine, what if there were more people out there who could be just like them? That sounds like an even greater gift to me.

Franchises need to know who their best customers are, where they are located, and what message will resonate with their audience in order to truly optimize their prospecting effectively. When looking to find the next best customer for your business, you must use data about your current best customers to find prospects who best fit their profile. But, collecting all of the need-to-know data about your current customers is hard when all you know is their name, contact information and purchase history.

Now, there is an Enriched Analytics tool designed to help you understand what your contacts want and guide you to the prospective customers who will most likely respond to your messaging like your best customers – and with more accuracy, than ever before. Introducing boodleAI.

boodleAI provides companies with the insights and predictions they need to detect their potential best customers in any list of prospects at the price of 32 versions of Guess Who.

With boodleAI in your back pocket, your data is enriched with over 1,200 third party data points and analyzed to produce insights and predictions allowing you to see who your best customers really are. After data enrichment, boodleAI can create a custom predictive model with your data that you can use against any prospect list – allowing you to find the ones who look most like your greatest customers.

Now, you are equipped with the knowledge required to attract potential customers outside of your organization who would have the greatest likelihood to become your next best customer. Spend the time you have freed up to strategize for your next steps to experience elevated results by attracting more long-term customers with confidence in your next steps. You are given the power to:

  • Close customers faster & more efficiently
  • Understand what your best customers look like & how they differ from other customers
  • Understand where to find new prospects that look like your best customers
  • Understand how to contact and steward these customers most effectively

Did I mention the limited time offer? For a limited time, we are offering our Custom Predictions Package at a 41% discount (regularly $850, yours for $499).

The Custom Predictions Package Includes:

  • Custom Predictions for up to 10,000 records
  • 1 Year Access to Guidon Platform with Basic Predictions and Personas for up to 25,000 records

BONUS: Free 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our Enriched Analytics Specialists

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