Join boodleAI in Supporting Afghan Ally Evacuation

At boodleAI, we are committed to a life of service, and in light of recent events, our wartime allies remain close to our hearts.

Our company was founded by two incredible former US Army officers. While the current happenings in Afghanistan affect each of us, it has hit very close to home for our co-founder and CSO, France Hoang. Being rescued from the communist forces in Vietnam forty-six years ago, he relates to the overwhelming concern for America’s Afghan allies’ uncertain fate. His perspective is also unique, as he fought alongside many of our Afghan allies as part of Operation Enduring Freedom with the US Army special forces company.

To learn more, you may read his story and commentary on the current concerns for our Afghan allies.

In an effort to increase awareness about the current conditions in Afghanistan and the severity of the issue, please watch this interview featuring France Hoang on BBC World News.

Today, our team at boodleAI stands together to assist and support the evacuation of our Afghan allies from the now Taliban controlled Afghanistan. For 20 years, Afghan interpreters, analysts, and other Afghan allies have put their lives at risk and made sacrifices for the safety of American servicemen and women. Now, it is time for us to live up to our moral obligation and fight for them.

In an effort to aid in the fight, boodleAI is asking you to join us in making an impact. With all funds going directly to No One Left Behind, we will be supporting the lives of those who supported and fought alongside us. We thank you in advance for your contribution to a cause that means so much to us.

About No One Left Behind:

No One Left Behind is the only nation-wide association of wartime allies in the US dedicated to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our interpreters from Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave men and women served right alongside US military and government personnel, and in many cases, directly saved American lives. Our vision is to see that each wartime ally is honored for his or her courageous service. We want their families to achieve the American Dream.

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