BoodleBox Exchanges


The Chat Bar is your BoodleBox Swiss army knife. From here you can view the bot list, select bots, search for bots, get bot recommendations, and, of course, chat with bots. Your prompt with a bot’s response is an “exchange,” known on BoodleBox as a boodle

Key Things to Know about Exchanges

  • You do NOT have to be a prompt engineer to use BoodleBox. Just start typing in the chat bar and BoodleBox will automatically recommend relevant bots that can assist based on the prompt.

  • Features such as “keep”, “forking” and “continue chat” let you save exchanges as reusable “boodles” that can be organized into boxes and shared.

  • Chats can be quickly viewed and edited in the Chat Sidebar.

Chatting with GenAI

  1. Click on “New Chat” button on sidebar or click Control+B or Command+B.

  2. In the ChatBar, type a question or request. 

  3. BoodleBox will auto recommend a list of AI bots for you to scroll.

  4. Select the bot you want to work with.

  5. Then “click” to send your first chat.

  6. The bot you selected will ask you questions to help produce the result you want. 

If you don’t get the response you want:

  • Try asking a different way (maybe ask “@promptbot” to rewrite your request)
  • Try a different bot
  • Restart the chat at an earlier point using the “Fork/Continue Chat” function
  • Try asking a colleague for help by adding them using a GroupChat.
  • Also: feedback is always appreciated.  Click on the Leave Feedback “Flag” to provide feedback. 
    • Leave feedback by clicking on the “Resources” icon in the Topbar, then selecting “Feedback”
    • Send an email to [email protected] with your feedback. 

Copying a prompt

To copy a prompt, click on the “copy” icon next to the prompt section of your exchange.

Copying a response

To copy a response, click on the  “copy” icon next to the top of the response section of your exchange.

Forking a Chat

Problem: You’re in a chat and realize you want to backtrack and restart the chat earlier in the conversation. 

The Solution: “Fork” the conversation using the Continue Chat feature in BoodleBox.

  1. First, scroll to the part of the chat you want to “fork” from.

  2. Click on the “Fork / Continue Chat” icon.

  3. Enter the title for the chat you want to continue. Then click on “OK”.

    BoodleBox then creates a new chat that duplicates the original chat up to the point where you chose to fork the chat. You can then go ahead and continue your chat with the “forked” conversation. 

Keeping an Exchange (a “boodle”)

To “keep” an exchange, click on the “Keep” button at the bottom of any bot’s response.  The “Keep” options window will then pop up where can then choose where and how to keep the exchange, including posting it to the Public Feed. Here are options you have:

Adding a Caption

To add a caption that will be added to the kept exchange (“boodle”), enter it in the options window.

Showing/Hiding the Prompt

To show or hide the prompt, click on the “prompt” icon to the right of the prompt. 

Select the Box to Save the Exchange to

In the dropdown under “Save Boodle to box” select the box you want to save your exchange to. Note: You can select “+ Create a new box” if you want to create a new box to save your exchange to. 

Changing the Visibility of the Exchange

Click on the “eye” icon to the right of the box selection dropdown to select the visibility of your exchange.

Private: Only you can view.

Unlisted: Only people with the direct link that you share can view.

Public: Anyone can view and the exchange is findable in search. 

Posting the Exchange to the Public Feed

To post the exchange in the Public Feed, select “Post to Public Feed”.

Enabling Chat Thread

When you keep an exchange, you have the option of enabling chat threading. Simply click on “enable chat thread” when “keeping” or saving a chat. Note: When you enable chat threading, all chats prior to the saved chat become viewable by clicking “View Thread” on the boodle. 

Allowing Continue Chat

When you keep an exchange, you have the option of allowing anyone to continue your chat. Simply click on “allow continue chat” when “keeping” or saving a chat. 

Viewing Associated Box

After you keep an exchange, the box it has been kept in is displayed underneath the bot response. You can click on the box name to go to the box. 

Sharing a Kept Exchange

After you keep an exchange, a share icon is displayed next to the name of the box it has been kept in. You can click on the share icon to share the kept exchange. Anyone, including non-BoodleBox users, can view a shared exchange. 

Editing a Kept Exchange

After you keep an exchange, the “Keep” button is replaced by an “Edit” button. Click on this button to edit the kept exchange.  

Leaving Feedback

To leave feedback on a response, click the flag icon at the bottom of any bot’s response.

Visit BoodleBox, Give it a try.