Exploring the Public Feed


Explore brings you to the Public Feed where you can see, share, and discover how others are using BoodleBox.

Key Things to Know about Exploring the Public Feed

  • The public feed allows you to discover how others are using BoodleBox and the AI assistants. You can view, share, and engage with public exchanges posted by the community.

  • You can search across all public content using the search bar to find exchanges related to your interests.

  • By posting exchanges to the public feed, you can share your work and build an audience. Other users can follow you to see your posts.

  • The public feed has profile pages for each AI assistant and bot that provide information on how they work, how others have used them, and let you easily start new chats with them.

Searching the Public Feed

Click on the magnifying glass to search the public feed. 

Adding an Exchange to the Public Feed

To add an exchange, click on the blue chat button.

Following an Author

To follow an author, click on “Follow” on their chat or click on their name and follow directly from their profile bio. 

Viewing the Associated Box Name

Scroll down to the bottom of the exchange.

Opening the Associated Box

Click on the box name in the exchange.

Viewing the Full Exchange

Scroll over the top of the box and click on “View Thread”

Viewing the Chat Thread

After clicking on “View Thread”, scroll down to see the full exchange. 

Continuing a Chat

To continue the chat, click on the chat box at the end of the conversation and click on OK in the pop up box. 

Liking an Exchange

To like an exchange, click on the thumb icon at the bottom of the exchange. 

Commenting on an Exchange

To comment on an exchange, use the comment box to add your thoughts. 

Sharing an an Exchange

To share an exchange, click on the share icon and copy the link.

Viewing the Author Profile

To view the author profile, click on the author’s photo or initials. 

Viewing the Bot Profile

Every AI Assistant and Bot has a profile page with a dedicated feed where you can see how other BoodleBox users are working with the Bot Assistant. Simply click on the bot’s name in the Bot Garage. 

Switching Between Public Feed and Boxes

To switch between the public feed and boxes, click on the dropdown noted as “Public Feed” and choose the box you’d like to explore. 

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