Introduction to Getting Started with BoodleBox

This is a quick introduction by our CEO and Co-founder about how to get started with BoodleBox.

BoodleBox is easy to use.  Here’s a walkthrough for those new to BoodleBox and Generative AI:

1. Start a new chat by by clicking the “New Chat” button (or Control+B on PC, Command+B on Mac):

2. Enter a request or question into the chatbar.  BoodleBox will automatically recommend a list of AI Assistants and Bots you can use. 

Try typing “I want to write a letter.”

3. Select the assistant you want to use by clicking with the mouse or using the arrow keys. When you’re ready to send your prompt, click the blue arrow or hit enter. 

Selected “Write a Business Letter – LetterBot Business”

4. The AI you choose will then introduce itself and ask you questions to produce the result you want. 

5. If you want to change AI or use multiple AI in a chat, first deselect the current AI by clicking on the “X”:

6. You can then type another command or question to get an AI auto-recommendation.

7. You can also see a list of all available AI by clicking on the BoodleBox Icon:

Try clicking on the BoodleBox Icon above.  Note you can scroll down the full list. 

or by typing “@” in the chatbar followed by a search term:

Try typing “@write” in the Chatbar to see all the AI’s related to writing. Note you can scroll down the full list. 

Some bots you’ll want to try:

  • Type “@help” to get answers to your questions about BoodleBox or suggestions on how to accomplish a task using BoodleBox.

  • Type “@gen” to see the full list of general assistants. 

  • Type “@web” to see bots that can do realtime internet research

  • Type “@prompt” to use PromptBot to improve your prompts

8. You can also work with your existing documents and get personalized responses by uploading text based documents/files to a chat as “knowledge”.  Just click here and select the file:

9. Finally, you can easily share a chat and invite others to collaborate in a GroupChat by sharing the GroupChat Link.  Just click here:

10. If you don’t get the response you’re expected, try these steps:

  • Refresh your browser

  • Try a different prompt

  • Try a different AI 

  • Ask @help (HelpBot) for assistance. 

  • Send a note to [email protected]

11. Reminder to signup for one of our awesome 30 min Introduction to Collaborative GenAI Classes here: BoodleBox Upcoming Trainings – BoodleBox

12. Looking for prompts to try?  Start here: Master BoodleBox in 12 Prompts – BoodleBox

Visit BoodleBox, Give it a try.