Why use BoodleBox instead of ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is powerful for chatting with AI and has a team version, BoodleBox was purpose-built for team collaboration and cooperation.

ChatGPT TeamsBoodleBox
Expects every user to become a prompt engineerHas 900+ pre-built AI Helpers that prompt users to create the results they want
Expects users to select/build their own GPTsRecommends the right bot or assistant for the user based on their prompt
No GroupChatsGroupChats: Multiple individuals, multiple GenAI Assistants, and multiple sources of knowledge come together in a single conversation.
Share GPTs and chats with your workspaceShare AI Helpers and chats with your team + collaborate with multiple team members and AI Helpers in the same chat
No tools for individual user education beyond prompt examplesBoodleBox onboarding provides ready-made training resources including a self-paced online introduction to GenAI and the platform. 
No tools for peer-to-peer user educationGroupChats enables team members to share, learn from, and recognize one another.  
Only uses GPT-4 and DALL-EProvides access to multiple foundation models including GPT-4, Claude-3 Opus, Gemini, and LLAMA2, as well as third party AI models such as Perplexity.
Create and share custom GPTs with your workspaceCreate tailored chats with your data that others on your team can continue (equivalent to custom GPTs but more dynamic)
Allows files and websources to be added to GPTs and chats.Allows files and websources to be added to chats + centralized knowledge management + knowledge sharing through chats
No training on your business data or conversationNo training on your business data or conversation
Secure workspace for your teamSecure workspace for your team + option to use boodleAI hosted models for true data security
Admin console for workspace and team managementAdmin console for workspace and team management + management of what models, assistants, and bots your team has access to

Visit BoodleBox, Give it a try.