BoodleBox Word Usage

As a generative AI platform, BoodleBox employs an industry standard “words-based” billing model for users. Unlike services that charge based on duration of usage or number of requests, BoodleBox has optimized their approach around the number of words generated in responses.

Specifically, users are allotted a monthly allowance of AI-generated words depending on their subscription plan. The allowance resets on the monthly billing date.

Images are charged at 200 words per image

The BoodleBox team determined a words-based approach is the fairest way to charge, since users truly pay for what they extract from the AI assistant.

By way of Example:
John signs up for a 40,000 word per month plan. In the first week, he requests a total of 3,000 words from the BoodleBox assistant across 20 unique prompts and conversations.

That leaves him with 37,000 words.

Later that month, John submits 5 images and asks for detailed descriptions of each scene depicted – which holds an equivalent value of 200 words per image. So those 5 images are counted as 1,000 words against his allowance.

That leaves him with 36,000 words.

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