Integrate Person-to-Person Email Outreach in Your P2P Social Media Strategy

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising is a powerful multi-tier approach – and it’s here to stay.

In a rapidly advancing digital society, P2P social media outreach strategy helps nonprofits like you unlock the potential to find new donors interested in your cause – and fast – through your current donor’s networks. Simply put, your supporters ask for donations on your behalf to their friends, families, and colleagues who are more likely to donate.

Here are just 8 benefits to P2P fundraising:

  1. Nearly ⅓ of online donations are now made through Peer-to-Peer
  2. The average Peer-to-Peer fundraiser raises $568 from 7 donors
  3. It’s a year-round fundraising solution
  4. Scalability is massive
  5. You can increase brand awareness through free social media advertising
  6. Your most passionate supporters multiply your workforce for little to no extra cost to you
  7. With just a few clicks, platforms like Facebook make more convenient than ever for you to rally your supporters’ participation in Peer-to-Peer social media outreach
  8. It empowers your supporters and deepens their connection with and loyalty to your nonprofit

Your mission increases awareness, engagement, and revenue for a fraction of the cost and time traditional fundraising takes. Your supporters have fun and feel good about doing good for a mission they believe in. Win-win, right? And yet, there is a high probability you’re missing out if you don’t integrate Person-to-Person email outreach into your P2P social media strategy.


Person-to-Person in P2P Strategy

The electronic version of direct mail appeals, Person-to-Person email outreach helps you catalyze your P2P social media momentum while retaining the highly coveted donor data you won’t get through Facebook. Additionally, Blackbaud reported those who use Person-to-Person email outreach in addition to Peer-to-Peer social media strategy raise substantially more. For instance, “Participants in cycling events were the most likely to use email to raise money: the study showed that about 1 in 3 cyclists sent email solicitations. Those participants, in turn, raised nearly twice as much than the average cycling fundraiser.”


An Example

Take tech-fluent Millennials, for example. According to the 2013 Millennial Impact Report, nearly 70% of Millennials are willing to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit they care about. Additionally, the 2018 Global Charity Giving Index from Charities Aid Foundation is finding that in comparison to other generations, Millennial’s online giving remains the most consistent and steady. If you were able to harness the passion of Millennials with the larger gift capacity of the network’s older generations via Person-to-Person email outreach, you could be unstoppable.


Where To Try

boodleAI utilizes the power of AI to make P2P fundraising and Person-to-Person email outreach more easy and successful than ever before. While only one in 1,250 traditional emails leads to a donation, one in four emails leads to a donation with boodleAI. With boodleAI, say goodbye to spam folders and the same old generic email templates and say hello to tailored email messages for intelligent segments in your supporter’s networks, increasing the odds of more funds to accelerate your mission. Free for fundraisers, easy to use, secure, data privacy, customizable, scalable… what are you waiting for?


Let’s boodle.