Make Giving Tuesday Work for You (and Not the Other Way Around)

In 2018, more than $400M was raised online on Giving Tuesday. Impressive, no doubt. But, consider that it took 14.2 billion social media impressions that day to raise it. And with first time donor retention rates hovering at just 19%, the majority of donors gained that day never come back. 

So how will you stand out this year? You’ve probably considered your marketing strategy, campaign strategy, and maybe even segmentation. But have you considered leveraging the power of your data?


Rise Above the Noise With AI

Most Giving Tuesday strategies involve mass appeals. AI can help nonprofits rise above the noise by helping identify which donors are most likely to want to donate on Giving Tuesday. 

Imagine raising just as much money (or more!) without having to pester ALL of your followers that day. Less stress for your donors, less stress for you, and more reward for your mission.


Quickly Identify the Keepers

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to attract new donors, but not all new donors are created equal. boodleAI can build a model of your best donors, apply that model to your new donor list, and then identify the best repeat donor prospects for you. By identifying the keepers, you can spend more time this Giving Tuesday investing in the donors who are most likely to stay and save the hassle of asking those who aren’t.