Advanced Reporting: The key to uncovering what makes your prospects tick

You’ve heard it a million times: if you want to close the gaps in your fundraising you have to target the people who have shown intent.

And yes, focusing on intent has its uses.

But there’s something far more powerful than intent: affinity.

The problem with intent is that it kind of hovers around the surface level. You know, Person A bought a pair of sneakers from a company that’s partnered with a breast cancer research non-profit, so maybe they’ll want to donate too.

Affinity digs deeper. Much deeper.

Affinity takes account of things like patterns and buying behaviors over time. It looks at how your prospective donors act, how they think, and who they are, allowing you to create ultra-targeted campaigns that focus on the people who are most likely to repeatedly donate to your cause.

So how do you discover and collate this vital, affinity-based information?

It’s all about advanced reporting. And at boodleAI you have several advanced reporting options to add to your fundraising arsenal.

Here are the three that you’ll find most useful in your quest for a super-targeted outreach campaign:

1. Donations Enriched Analytics Report (DEAR).

Your DEAR report can include a series of transactions, from donations or purchases made over time, to a history of membership payments.

This combination of donation history and our expansive donor enrichment database allows you to uncover the elusive patterns behind your supporters’ activity and behaviors over time. Valuable information when campaigning for membership renewal, repeat donations, or for getting to grips with your donor personas.

How to generate a DEAR report.

2. Compare Multiple Segments Report (CONTRAST).

What really makes your prospects tick?

The CONTRAST report will help you find out. By allowing you to make comparisons across multiple datasets, you’ll be able to compare and contrast the data, gaining insight into how your key leads really think, how they’re likely to behave, and yes, what makes them tick.

How to generate a CONTRAST report.

3. Sales Enriched Analytics Report (SEAR).

If your Nonprofit has a retail component, our SEAR reports combine your valuable sales data with our enrichment database to uncover those all-important buying patterns and connect key pieces for your marketing and sales teams.

You can choose to focus on key customer segments, such as Repeat Customers or Highest Margin Customers to explore insights like their top purchase combos, their location, or their preferred methods of acquisition.

This type of report gives you all of the details you need for your chosen customer segments so you can better target them and new customers.

How to generate a SEAR report.

If you want to close the gaps in your fundraising, digging deeper into your prospects’ personas, behaviors, and thought patterns really is key — and advanced reporting is the easiest and most efficient way to gather and collate that data.

Want to know more about how our advanced reporting options could help you increase the ROI of your outreach efforts? Our free demo will show you exactly how our AI Donor Prospecting will fire up your donor acquisition strategy.

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