Alternative Advertising Options Outside of Facebook & Google

When you think about online advertising, you probably think of Facebook and Google. It’s true, these two are the giants of the field, but you are doing your company a disservice if you start and end your advertising campaign there.

If you are struggling with advertising, it might mean you have maxed out your reach on your current platforms. Therefore, it’s time for you to open your eyes to new and rewarding alternatives to traditional online advertising platforms.

Alternative Advertising Options

If you struggle to connect with your most needed audience, it’s high time you begin considering other options for your advertising methods. As our ability to communicate with our current and potential customers/donors continues to fragment and diversify, our target audience can shift the platforms they use, how they use them. The time they devote to each one. For example, historical data shows that the phone book used to be considered a wealth of knowledge for local businesses. However, with Google as a new platform, most companies have moved online.

Many obstacles are holding good companies from marketing effectively online. As of January 2021, an estimated 26% of American internet users are running some kind of adblocker. This is entirely forgivable as poorly-placed ads can sometimes result in malware, slower websites, and ultimately bombarded users. However, it is still an obstacle you must consider when evaluating your chosen advertising methods.

Furthermore, the technology landscape is really starting to change. For example, YouTube blocks pixel tracking via HTML code snippets from third-party vendors. In addition, cookies are going away, which removes many of the ways ads are tracked, and privacy concerns have led mobile device tracking to switch to opt-in. With these added barriers between you and your consumer, it only means advertising will become more competitive, and your advertising costs will continue to rise.

With consistent shifts in algorithms and adjustments made by the paid platforms used for advertising, be it Facebook, Google, or another platform, you are never entirely in control of your advertisements and the ultimate audiences they reach. While you can gain some insight into select demographics and other details, you can never fully own the data that results from your campaigns, which can lead you into an entire world of missed opportunities. The worst part about it – you are paying for it.

Where paid search and social ads miss the mark is in their targeting. You often wonder who your ads are targeting, why they are working (or not working), and the list goes on. The truth is, these questions go relatively unanswered because you do not own the data that the platforms are using to establish the algorithms used to determine how your ads are served.  All of this means that fewer people are likely to see your ads, and targeting will only become more challenging as the marketing landscape continues to shift.

Advertising Alternatives to Facebook & Google Ads

While Google and Facebook ads dominate, alternatives are growing for several reasons, including but not limited to the challenges in the ad set up on both platforms and the increasing costs to run these ads. There are several other reasons why you might want to move away from these platforms, perhaps not completely, but certainly as a way of expanding your reach. Here are some things to consider:

Cons of Facebook Ads

  • Your audience may be spending time elsewhere. Professionals tend to move to LinkedIn. Younger people are exploring more mobile- and video-focused platforms such as TikTok.
  • Facebook ads can be complicated to set up, and each campaign is tedious and time-consuming.
  • Facebook ads tend to be on the expensive side and may not give you a positive ROI to start with.
  • Facebook owns your data.
  • You don’t get clear conversion data post-campaign.
  • Ads are served based on Facebook’s algorithm, NOT your data specifically.
  • Facebook is starting to get a reputation for suspending or banning people for no good reason or because an algorithm mistook something innocent. 
  • Ads have to be constantly tweaked to keep up with algorithms and to avoid audience fatigue, which often results in Facebook ads “falling off a cliff” and having to be refreshed.

Cons of Google Ads

  • Google Ads are very hard to set up correctly and cost a lot of money, especially during the “trial and error” period.
  • Google Ads have to be constantly optimized.
  • Competition for a vertical can fluctuate daily.
  • Landing pages have to be optimized for the ad to display more frequently.
  • Not knowing which recommendations from Google to improve your ads are in line with your marketing strategy.

In both cases, you are subject to using traditional pay-per-click ads. However, did you know these ads can be blocked and are often ignored? Facebook ads are much harder to block using adblockers but can be blocked natively, and frequently, people will skip over all google ads to view the organic search results (I know I do). It is known that the younger generation is becoming more and more resistant to being “sold at,” which is leaving advertisers searching for alternative methods for their message to be seen. After all, you can’t spend your hard-earned cash on advertisements that will ultimately be blocked by your end-users, now can you?

The good news: boodleAI solves these problems. Instead of posting ads on Facebook and Google and hoping they arrive at your potential customers, our data-driven enriched digital advertising solution lets you target not only demographics but specific individuals. With household IP targeting, you are given the ability to send ads to a particular household. And with device ID targeting, you can send your internet and text message ads directly to their specific mobile devices, regardless of location. Not only can we get around the typical obstacles of ad blockers, but we can also personalize the ads better than Facebook or Google can, allowing you to experience a greater return on your advertising efforts.

The Solution: Enriched Digital Advertising

boodleAI’s  Enriched Digital Advertising allows you to serve advertisements to the individuals who are your potential best customers. These ads are not based on demographics alone but instead on genuine data-driven insights about your specified target list. This not only helps you to understand your target audience better but allows you to select only those who are most likely to respond to your advertisements using the power of predictive analytics. Unlike typical Google or Facebook advertisements, you can ensure that your ads are seen as much as possible and only delivered to people interested in your product.

The power to understand one’s customers is what all marketers are searching for. You will reduce the number of mistargeted ads you serve while strategically targeting the contacts that matter most to your organization when you can achieve it. To constantly keep up with your customers’ interests, we deliver the insights you need about your historical campaigns to show how people responded to your ads so you may continue to evolve future campaigns into the message your customers are looking to receive.

Not only are these ads able to be distributed on Facebook and over search engines, but they may be delivered seamlessly across multiple platforms while providing you with invaluable insights. Because the boodleAI solution is centered around data and may be automated, you’ll be able to update your ads as your campaigns evolve, bringing in better returns for your business. Whatever your marketing goals are, Enriched Digital Advertising can help. If you are not getting the results you want from Facebook and Google ads, if your conversions are fading out, or you feel that you are spending way too much on advertising, request a live demo to learn more about Enriched Digital Advertising.

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