Are You Forgetting Your “Middle-Child” Donors?

If you had to name the most important donor tier to your org off the top of your head, what would it be?

Major gifts, right? Because they give the most, and they usually tend to stick around. After that, there’s your annual givers, because they give over time.

But what about those people in the middle? The ones that fall between your annual giving pool and your major gift pool? If you’re like most non-profits, your answer is…

“Oh right … them.”

Much like the middle child, mid-level donors often slip through the cracks in the non-profit world. And this is such a waste, because they usually represent a really big swath of potential donors that are, for the most part, ignored. Oftentimes, they don’t get assigned to a prospect portfolio at all, and even if they do get assigned, they often go unmanaged, because there’s no expectation of immediate return from them.

Not only are you leaving money on the table by ignoring a whole pool of potential donors, you’re failing to tap into a major source of stability.

In fact, your middle donors are your BEST opportunity to pave the way for future sustainability.

Sure, they take a little more nurturing than those annual givers might. But they’re way less work than your major gifts people, and since they tend to slip through the cracks anyway, they’re not usually as saturated with marketing and asks.

These middle-ground givers are the slow-and-steady group. They’re probably never all going to jump up and, for instance, bump your numbers up with a one-time boost during an annual giving drive, but they give moderate amounts, over and over again. And while that’s not as exciting as the big jumps in numbers you might see with annual givers, or the big payouts you get from major donors, their steadiness makes them the key to sustainability.

How do you tap into the “muddle in the middle”?

The quickest and easiest way to benefit from your middle-tier donors is by simply testing higher target ask amounts with them. If you’ve been largely ignoring them for a long time, you probably have no idea what a reasonable ask is, so experiment, and find out — it might be higher than you think!

You can also …

  • Invite these potential donors to serve as key volunteers or junior board members to increase their stickiness with Helping Hands Nonprofit
  • Code them in your database and develop a specialized communications series focused on small articles and impact stories
  • Send regular thank you notes as they increase their gifts over time

Of course, you can’t do any of this if you don’t know who they are. That’s where we come in. Our super-smart boodleAI platform can help you not only identify who these donors are within your giving pool, but also give you incredibly nuanced insights into their giving potential and how to best approach them.

Curious? Find out how boodleAI can help you tap into this under-appreciated prospect pool here!

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