Featured Presentation at Raise Conference 2022: AI in Philanthropy

boodleAI was honored to be a top tier sponsor of the Raise Conference by OneCause this year.

As we set out to show the nonprofit world the power of AI and predictive analytics, our very own CEO, Shawn Olds, was one of the featured presenters at the conference. We are thrilled to have a recording to share with our community so that the impact of his presentation may span even further than the (virtual) walls of Raise 2022.

Our session broke down Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its simplest parts with humor, of course. We debunked the sci-fi myths, explained how all the pieces fit together, shared real life examples in action, and outlined the must haves for a competitive fundraising future.

Whether you were an attendee at Raise, or weren’t, this message is sure to resonate with you and your organization while providing some fun along the way. So, press the play button and allow yourself to picture AI in a different light. Embrace the technology that is available to you now so that you may advance further into the future with your mission, today.

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