Top 4 Tips for Giving Tuesday Success

The time is almost upon us … that magical day of the year where we all get a chance to give your fundraising a big boost… Giving Tuesday!

There’s so much hype that goes on in our community around this time of year, it can be easy to get caught up in the swirl and not really know what to do. So this week we’re sharing our top tips for making Giving Tuesday easy and effective. Here’s our top 4 Giving Tuesday tips:

Tip #1: Start your donor outreach early

The level of market saturation with Giving Tuesday means that it’s not enough to just throw a couple of posts up on the day and call it good. To really make the most of it, you should be ever present to your audience and even mention Giving Tuesday at least a week in advance (or more, if you can swing it!). You don’t need to bang them over the head with reminders, or fill up their feed with asks, but mentioning that Giving Tuesday is coming up, you’d really love their support, and telling them how to donate at least a few times before the actual day is going to really pay off.

Tip #2: Determine what kind of donor data you’ll collect in advance

Giving Tuesday is a great chance to bring in a bunch of money all at once. But if you stop there, you’re missing the second huge opportunity this day brings: the chance to collect data about your donors.

As you set up your campaign, spend some time thinking about what kind of data you want to collect during this time of giving so you can tailor your marketing and giving forms to your needs. Now, how do you decide what to collect? 

Segment, segment, segment

There’s nothing more annoying than getting donation asks that you really don’t care about — in fact, it’s a really good way to alienate donors and potential donors. So do your best to send targeted marketing messages to your different types of prospects. To do so, you must segment your donors into specific groups. For instance, you can send one type of message to your active donors, one to your major gift donors, one to your “middle child” donors. And of course, this doesn’t solely apply to Giving Tuesday messaging, try to segment your general marketing as well by delivering targeted messaging to each of your specific audiences. ( Digital ad campaigns  are fantastic for this, by the way.)

Tip #3: Repeat the message, and always give donation instructions

Once you’ve got your audiences segmented, don’t be afraid to repeat your donation ask. Not word for word, and not multiple times a day, but making the same type of ask with a different angle or story attached to it is not only helpful, it’s necessary to cut through marketing chatter. As you’re sending out your asks, make sure you include really simple, easy-to-track donation instructions in each one. Again, let us emphasize: REALLY simple. People are generally overwhelmed anyway right now, and just don’t read marketing materials that closely. Simple, short, and easy to action is key.

Tip #4: Have a post-Giving Tuesday strategy in place

Once the day is over it’s tempting to sit back and count the cash. And you should definitely do that …. but don’t stop there. Make sure that you schedule out some time to review and organize all that awesome new data you’ve collected, and make a point to thank your donors. Also spend a little time in advance thinking about any fulfillment strategies you need to have in place so you can show your donors that their Giving Tuesday generosity is actually making a difference.

As always, we’re here to help! We’d love to make this year’s Giving Tuesday easy and wildly successful for you. Let us show you how by snagging a free demo with us before it’s too late.

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