+50 at 50

boodleAI, the leading provider of AI-powered predictive analytics for nonprofits, has signed its 50th nonprofit customer.


Today, boodleAI supports the work of nonprofits that together raise over $780,000,000 in donations annually. These early adopters of predictive analytics for nonprofits range in size from $110,000 in annual giving to over $182,000,000, with a median annual fundraising total of $4,250,000.  

boodleAI supports the development work of nonprofits of every type: higher education, veteran services, health/medical, research, religious, international services, community services, arts/culture, environmental causes, community foundations, chambers of commerce, and private foundations.  

Using boodleAI’s predictive analytics product, nonprofits have realized significant lifts in donor acquisition and engagement:


Using boodleAI to predict likely donors, a veteran service organization increased their major gift donation rate 56% (1.56X) over what the rate was without boodleAI.


Using boodleAI in an A/B test, a museum saw an increase of 35% in # of recipients opening emails and 34% in # of opens when emailing recipients scored high by boodleAI.   


Using boodleAI in an A/B test, a nonprofit foundation saw an average donation size 134% (2.34X) higher among prospects scored high by boodleAI over those scored low by boodleAI.


Using boodleAI in an A/B test of direct mail, a nonprofit foundation saw a response rate of 58% (1.58X) higher among recipients scored high by boodleAI over those scored low by boodleAI.


To celebrate its 50th nonprofit customer, boodleAI will add 50,000 records to the first year license of any new customer who signs up by March 31st, 2020 (a $9,900 value for $4,950).  For current customers who choose to upgrade by adding 50,000+ records, boodle will add an additional 50,000 records for the next year to the customer’s license at no additional charge.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.*


About boodleAI

boodleAI finds a nonprofit’s best donors in any prospect list.  It leverages proven AI/machine learning to rapidly model the untapped data sitting in nonprofits, along with billions of third party data points, to help nonprofits achieve significant lifts in donor acquisition, engagement, and retention rates through predictive analytics.  

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*Note that this 50+50 offer cannot be combined with any other special offers.