Meet your new best friend: Persona Descriptive Analytics Reports by boodleAI

High-level insights, at your fingertips.

As our platform expands its predictive analytics capabilities, we wanted to show you something not old, not blue, but NEW!

Introducing Persona Descriptive Analytics Reports: a way to gain insights into your contacts lists of prospects, customers, donors, etc. like never before.

We can give you high-level insights on any contact list you want to learn more about. All we need is first name, last name, and e-mail address of your prospects. How can your organization use this?

With Descriptive Analytics Reports you can:

  • Create ideal Customer/Donor/Investor profiles
  • Refine parameters for online ad buys
  • Identify exact profiles for list purchases
  • Create high-level overviews to better inform internal discussions

Want to get your own descriptive analytics report? contact us [email protected].