boodleAI and Turnkey Partnership

“boodleAI, the leading provider of AI assistants for nonprofit donor acquisition and P2P fundraising, and Turnkey, the nonprofit industry’s trusted P2P fundraising partner, have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver innovative AI-powered fundraising solutions to nonprofits.”

This partnership combines boodleAI’s AI-driven platform that allows nonprofit supporters to increase donations and find new donors with Turnkey’s deep expertise in P2P strategy, engagement, communications, and messaging. Together, boodleAI’s advanced technological capabilities and Turnkey’s expertise in P2P will help transform one of the fastest growing sectors of the nonprofit industry to help nonprofits engage their key supporters to fundraise faster, easier, and better than ever before.Turnkey P2P

“With over thirty years of experience with P2P messaging and engagement, Turnkey will undoubtedly help improve our product offering allowing us to catapult to a growing market faster and quicker,” said boodleAI CEO, Shawn N. Olds.

boodleAI provides an AI assistant (“boodle”) that helps nonprofit supporters identify, recruit, and engage donors from their social networks. boodle uses donation data and an algorithm that ranks each supporter’s contacts in order of most likely to donate. It provides personalized messaging tailored for the recipient. The result is a faster and more efficient fundraising effort that reaches prospects in the supporter’s network who look like the nonprofit’s best donors, but who would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

To learn more about this partnership, read the press release.