boodleAI Named as an AI Tool Nonprofits Need to Explore Now on NonProfit Pro

boodleAI was recently mentioned on NonProfit Pro, by Wayne Elsey, as an AI tool nonprofits should use now!

“With the massive abilities of AI, there are several tools on the market that fundraisers can look toward to help them take fundraising to a level that has never existed before the digital age…

boodleAI: The platform provides fundraising teams with AI assistants, which help them engage much more strategically with their supporters. Aside from giving fundraisers AI assistants, it also provides board and event committees with AI assistants to make planning and meetings much more efficient and productive for efforts toward donor engagement. Additionally, there are a few other features which will be coming soon, including AI that will help nonprofit teams recruit top volunteer fundraisers—and also for data deduping and cleaning.”

If you’d like to read the whole article, read it on NonProfit Pro’s website.