Cohort3 Podcast with Shawn Olds, boodleAI CEO

While we were in Portland in March for the NTEN conference…

our CEO Shawn Olds had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Patrick of Cohort3 to discuss boodleAI and how artificial intelligence can be used in nonprofits. For more information, listen to the podcast!

Episode 19: In this week’s episode of the Nonprofit Innovators in AI podcast we investigate how artificial intelligence is being used in fundraising for major donor giving, direct marketing (low $$), and for peer-to-peer giving with Gravyty, Arjuna Solutions, and You’ll hear from the CEOs at each company with insights on the real, practical impact of AI for their nonprofit clients, the tech deployed in their products, and a vision for AI in fundraising in five years.


About Nonprofit Innovators in AI Podcast

The Nonprofit Innovators in AI Podcast is a weekly update for nonprofit professionals who are driving innovation using Artificial Intelligence at their organization or for those looking for the ideas and inspiration to make it happen. Each week the podcast features three stories of inspiring, inventive, and creative organizations that are fundamentally reshaping social impact in the 21st century using artificial intelligence technology.