Nonprofit Times Quotes Eric Okimoto About Nonprofit Tech

The NonProfitTimes recently published an article titled, “Cloud Is Raining Data, Flooding Fundraising With Information”, to discuss how technology in the nonprofit world is expanding to cloud-based data and artificial intelligence (AI).

boodleAI COO Eric Okimoto was quoted as one of the leaders in the new wave of nonprofit emerging technology. 

‘“Whether nonprofit or another industry, it’s the ability to provide advanced capabilities on demand, with scalability to grow as the organization grows. We’re doing the same thing that’s always been done, it’s just been done by large teams and consultants, identifying the right people. We’re just using technology that does that in seconds, automatically” he said.

“Increasingly, it’s not just about blasting out things but how do you reach the right audience, at the right time, from the right person in the right channel.”

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