SMS Campaigns Make a BIG Impact: Josh Meyer

Josh Meyer

Josh Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing at OneCause sheds light on the effective and efficient use of text messaging campaigns to capture the attention of up to 90% of recipients. He explores the various types of text messaging campaigns and how to implement each one. The first campaign type that he explores is event messaging. He dives into an example of how the Human Rights Campaign was able to successfully implement an SMS campaign that not only helped attendees navigate its event, but also engaged them all along the way from pre-event to post-event.

He delivers insights into the success of adding text messaging to a multi-channel campaign and how an SMS campaign will assist in providing peer to peer notifications to motivate your audience to reach and increase their goals. Finally, he encourages the usage of text messaging for awareness and advocacy campaigns as a great way to increase involvement and engage your target audience. Through each of these campaign types, Josh urges us to all dive deeper, add text messaging into our campaigns, and ultimately meet our audience on their most preferred platform – their screen.

Josh has provided a detailed starter guide to assist as you begin incorporating text messaging campaigns into your marketing strategies.

Watch the full Pro Tips Workshop: Going Beyond the Webinar.