Be YOU-centric: Otis Fulton

Otis Fulton, Vice President of Psychological Strategy at Turnkey addresses how philanthropic psychology should be used to engage your audience. He emphasizes that nonprofit supporters and donors want to make an impact through their involvement with your organization, and advises you to speak to their contribution’s impact in order to help them achieve this goal. He highlights that when you focus on your audience’s needs, they achieve their goals, and ultimately, you achieve yours with greater numbers.

His fundamental strategy for messaging: create a YOU-centric communication style when engaging your donors. Meaning, you must focus on the you (your supporters) not the us (your organization) when asking for donations or volunteers. This same methodology applies to when you thank your donors for their support. With this approach to communication, you not only achieve your audience’s goals and exceed yours, but you empower them to continue giving and supporting your organization for the future.

 To further support the development of YOU-centric communication styles in your messaging, Otis has provided a downloadable copy of his written examples.

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