Book Review:
When in Doubt, Ask for More

Our Senior DevOps engineer, Jacob Lambert, recently read Alex Counts book, “When in Doubt, Ask for More” which follows a series of life lessons Alex Counts has learned over his philanthropic career. Here’s Jacobs’ review!

When I was young, Mom posted proverbs and notes in conspicuous places throughout the house; small bits of wisdom and knowledge that were rotated regularly and bound to catch our attention. It’s surprising how many of those notes have stuck with me over the years. I believe that When In Doubt, Ask For More, which offers similarly bite-sized aphorisms, will prove to be just as memorable and useful for anyone who reads it.

Brief and to the point, each nugget of wisdom is cleverly distinguished by one of eight icons denoting its subject area: Leadership, Fundraising, Board Management, People Skills, Public Speaking, Personal Wellness, Running a Meeting, and Travel. There are a wide variety of topics covered in each subject area, such as: Responding to Critics, Matching Projects to People, Earning Trust, and my personal favorite, Repair The World – At Least A Tiny Bit Of It.

In these pages, Alex Counts has distilled 214 lessons on life, leadership, and career into easily digestible snippets perfect for casual reference while being engaging enough to be read cover-to-cover in one sitting. The book contains lessons that can (and should) be applied daily by inexperienced and veteran leaders alike. Keep it on your desk for when you need a confidence boost or are seeking advice. It’s obvious that Counts’ experience in leading a nonprofit organization has yielded considerable expertise that will be superbly valuable to anyone who picks up this book.

If you’re interested in reading Alex Counts book, you can find it on Amazon here.