Keeping Quarantine Boredom
at Bay

Boredom is the name, self-isolation is the game.

Since the un-welcome arrival of our foe, the coronavirus, our first responders and essential workers are working around the clock to minimize the risk of endangerment to us non-essentials who can stay home. Now we’re left (with children, significant others, pets, and family members) to our devices… How do we keep from going stir crazy? How can we pass the time?

We asked our team what they’ve been doing since we’ve started working from home, and you’ll be delightfully surprised at their responses.

Michael L.

Our Lead Front End Engineer has recently moved into a new home! His quarantine activity of choice? Re-building lego sets! This Lego is an Executor Super Star Destroyer.

Ansel T.

Our CTO is nothing if not tech-savvy. Ansel has been enjoying virtual games on Facebook Messanger with friends, and using virtual pet by Google!

Yasmin Z.

Our Marketing Associate Yasmin has been enjoying the beautiful weather she’s been having in Maryland! Going outside for runs and walks has been one of her favorite ways to de-stress.

Freddie S.

Our back-end engineer Freddie and his family have been baking like we’re sure many of you have. But have you tried baking with a Solar Oven? They made cookies and it took 2-3 hours! If you want to try making a solar oven, check out this blog post.

Company-Wide Activities

We’ve been playing virtual ($ free) poker, doing HIIT workouts, and Show and Tell! Not to mention the memes…