Meet the Team: Grayson Cupit

Hi! My name is Grayson.

I joined the boodle team this summer as a backend engineer.

I’m a big believer in bringing the latest technological innovations into the nonprofit space. Before joining boodle, I developed research software at the Institute for Intelligent Systems, a research institute at the intersection of AI, linguistics, and psychology. At the same time, I was working to develop software solutions for nonprofits. That’s why I was excited to join up with boodleAI to support the awesome work that they are doing!

Outside of boodle, you can find me in Memphis, TN with my wonderful partner Danielle and our two four-legged children, Phoenix and Yuri. A reformed music major, I spend my free time practicing bass, playing anything from bluegrass to funk, and tinkering with music hardware. We love to hike, camp, and travel, and we’re steadily knocking national parks off the list.