Meet the Team: Kisa Bostrom, VP of Data Science

Kisa is boodleAI’s 32-year-old data scientist currently residing in beautiful, sunny San Diego!

She doesn’t really have a “home” state per se. She was born in Wisconsin but has since lived in almost every state west of the Mississippi. Joining in on the adventure is her husband, Justin, of 8 years and their 3 daughters: Nesya (6), Maerwynn (3), and Loryl (3 months).

Justin, Kisa’s husband, and 2 of her daughters: Nesya (6), Maerwynn (3).

Like their mother, they are forces of nature and definitely keep Kisa and her husband on their toes! Kisa often tells people that her life is basically a Disney musical; made-up songs and impromptu dance numbers happen daily in her house.

Kisa’s hobbies are as eclectic as her background. She’s played cello for the last 25 years, is a classically trained dancer, and spent some time traveling the country as a professional swing dancer!

Loryl , Kisa’s daughter (3 months)!

Kisa is also trained in 5 different styles of martial arts and has won competitions in Judo. She bakes, sews, remodels, builds, works on cars, designs houses; in general, makes anything and everything she can. She’s held so many different types of jobs from working as a barista at Starbucks to being an ironworker to what she now: a professional problem solver. There is nothing Kisa loves more (professionally) than solving problems and helping companies overcome trouble with a bit of code, some new data, or good ole’ fashioned elbow grease.

We’re so happy to have Kisa join the boodleAI team as our Vice President of Data Analytics, and can’t wait to learn from her varied experiences as a jack of all trades.