BoodleBox Rewards

Do you love using BoodleBox to take your GenerativeAI creations to the next level? Well get ready to be rewarded for your boodle skills with our brand new user loyalty program – BoodleBox Rewards!

We created BoodleBox Rewards as a way to celebrate and reward our most enthusiastic and engaged users. We want to thank you for helping make our platform so lively and fun with your top-notch contributions. So going forward, you can earn badges, credits, and BoodleBox swag for doing what you already love on our app!

Earn Badges for Being a Super Boodler

We will be awarding special badges for milestones like writing your 100th prompt, sharing your 1,000th boodle, or using the platform for 10 days in a row.

Get Free Swag for Going Above and Beyond

Our most dedicated BoodleBoxer users can even earn credits, swag and more once they reach Trailblazer Status. Rep your Boodlebox pride with some sweet merch!

So start brainstorming those ingenious prompts, sharing your boodle, and designing wildly creative boxes! Together we can build the most bodacious global community for sharing prompts and inspiration. And with BoodleBox Rewards, your awesome contributions will be rewarded in fun new ways.

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