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Attract the attention of your customers and prospective clients by delivering the message they want to hear. Our advanced enrichment technology equips you with the insights and analytics you've been looking for to guide your decision making and propel your business forward.

We haven’t shown boodleAI to anybody that hasn’t had an ‘Aha!’ moment.

Brad Harrison
—Scout Ventures

Guidon Platform: Basic Predictions and Personas

Once you upload your contacts to Guidon, boodleAI's proprietary matching analytics engine, each contact record is matched to their real world identity with 2-3X the fidelity of other engines.  Drawing upon multiple databases of all 220 million adult Americans, boodleAI then enriches each contact record with up to 1,200 additional data points.  Using this powerful dataset, boodleAI provides you:

  • Basic predictions about each contact, including generation, gender, education, affinity, responsiveness to direct email, email, phone, SMS or social media.
  • Basic personas that show you who your customers and lead segments are.
  • Contact List segmentation, filtering, and sorting that allows you to create segments of any contact list, filter segments based on attributes you select, and sort lists by any attribute you select.

Advanced Predictions

Advanced predictions provide you contact  level insights about wealth score, spending capacity, and preferred channel for outreach that you can use to optimize your sales and marketing campaigns.


Custom Predictions

Generated from your own data, custom predictive models allow you to score your customers and leads to find the hidden gems already in your contact lists.


Enriched Reports

Enriched Analytics, On Demand

Gain a clear understanding of your contact, transactional and historical data in individual comprehensive reports - guaranteed to become your best tool for exponential growth.

CLEAR Excerpt

Contact List Personas And Location Analytics With CLEAR

Take any customer or lead list segment and turn it into a Contact List Enriched Analytics Report (CLEAR), which delivers personas, descriptive and predictive insights, and location analytics.

Comparative Analytics with CONTRAST

Go beyond standard analysis with boodleAI's CONTRAST report, which allows you to compare up to three contact list segments, including the typical US adult population for a particular geographical area.

Contrast DM
New Customer SEAR Sample

Supercharge Sales with Sales Enriched Analytics Reports (SEAR)

Using your sales database, boodleAI's Sales Enriched Analytics Report (SEAR)  provides primary, secondary, and emerging personas that your sales and marketing team can use as audiences to optimize your revenue efforts.

Campaign Analysis with Historicals Enriched Analytics Reports (HEAR)

boodleAI's proprietary Historicals Enriched Analytics Report (HEAR) allows you and your team to understand how campaigns perform across 20 categories of reported and predicted audience attributes.  The HEAR also allows optimization not only against response rate, but also order or customer value, both immediately and over time.

EARS - Campaign Donors@2x

Optimization Bundles

Enriched Analytics Made Easy

boodleAI's Optimization Packages deliver the customer personas and insights you've been looking for in a single comprehensive report. Take control of your strategic decision making and exceed your goals with the confidence of enriched analytics.


Enriched Analytics for Every Business and Every Budget

Start Fast

Quick Start Packages for $499

boodleAI's has packages designed for the business that wants to start fast and get fast results:

  • Optimization Report Package: 25,000 records + basic predictions and platform access
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics Package: 12,500 records on platform scored for spending capacity and preferred channel of communication
  • Custom Predictive Analytics Package: 12,500 records on platform scored with 1 custom model built from your data.

You can add more records, predictions, and reports over time, paying only for what you use. 

Go Pro

Build Your Own Package

boodleAI's flexible usage based pricing means you pay only for what you use and can choose what you use over time.  This includes:

  • Platform Access + Basic Predictions
  • Advanced or Custom Predictions
  • Growth Enriched Analytics Reports
  • Prepaid Credits
  • Data Preprocessing Services
  • Concierge Customer Success Services

Using our "no surprises" pricing calculator, you can put together a package that fits today's budget but can scale to meet tomorrow's needs.  

Try our Flex Pricing Calculator here. 

What will your enriched data show you?

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