AI that finds the answers in your data

boodleFIND uses your nonprofit’s existing data to create predictive look-alike models that answer your toughest fundraising questions.

What boodleFIND can answer:

  • Who are the most likely donors in my house list?
  • Who are the current donors most likely to lapse?
  • Who are the most likely recurring donors among my current donors?
  • Who are my best potential fundraisers?
  • Any question where your nonprofit has the required existing data sets.

Why boodleFIND is different:

  1. We can match and enrich contact records based on email addresses—no physical address required.
  2. We create predictive models specific to your nonprofit.
  3. Our predictive models take minutes or hours to run, not days or weeks.
  4. Predictive models can be created and rerun at any time.

Pricing starts at $250/month with annual contract

Fundraiser Acquisition Illustration

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